Tuesday , November 30 2021

EU urges allies to avoid Huawei equipment for all risks in cyberscurity: WSJ


De United Kingdom tries to persuade the donors to convince turned service and the Internet in allied countries to come out of television programs Huawei, message on Thursday Wall Street Journal.

The United States officials have their representatives and telecommunications directors in & nbsp; the united countries have contacted Huawei's device has already been widely used for what they are looking for? cybersecurity, according to the report WSJ, who have seen anonymous people who have been trusted with the situation.

Leaders of intelligence agencies and other officials have said that they are responsible for Huawei and other Chinese companies for the Chinese government or the Chinese government. Communist Party, which increases the risk of espionage.

Washington has led to an increasing financial contribution to the development of telecommunications in countries that ignite equipment Chinese factory, declared the American newspaper.

One of the convictions of & # 39; The government is based on the use of Chinese telecommunication equipment in countries that have military bases United States, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, adds the report.

Huawei did not immediately respond to a request for Reuters's reactions.

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