Friday , January 28 2022

Elliot scores in last quarter for Dallas win


Mexico City /

hallway Eugel Elliott Managed Touchdown Last quarter to win Cowboy Dallas ~ By 27-20 before Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday's match of the tenth week of 2018 National Football League (NFL).

Eliot He scored a career victory at 1:19 at 3:19 and finished at 151 yards in 19 yards.

Field training center cowboy, Dak Prescott, 270 yards and 26 passes of 36 attempts with touchdowns. listen Dallas (4-5) It was my first championship this season.

quarterback Eagle, Carson WentzThe tight end Zach Ertz, 15-yard, diagonally connected two passes. Philadelphia (4-5 years old) made his third home run at Lincoln Financial Field.

Why? cowboy, Kicker Brett Mayr He scored 25 yards and 31 yards.

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