Tuesday , October 19 2021

Doctors are investigating the case of a man who ejaculated through the anus


The case of a 33-year-old man came into the medical books after he discovered that he had not only expelled feces for two years and gases through the anus, but also ejaculated sperm out.

The man saw discomfort and severe pain in the testicles, so he decided to visit the doctor. His surprise came when doctors diagnosed him with a rare condition. Apparently the pain would have been caused after at least two years that gas had passed into the urine. That his body excretes urine and semen through the anus, as opposed to the penis.

The case is so rare that there is not even a name for this condition. In fact, there was no previous report of such a case. For the same reason, his rare disease was published in the medical journal Cureus.

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In the journal article, the doctors explain that the patient suffers from swollen testicles. Which led to a urinary tract infection. After doing a rectal exam, they found that he had an abnormal problem in the rectal wall.

The results of the studies showed the presence of a fistula, a distribution in its channels that connects the urethra and rectum. That it worked like a snake that carried fluids and solids from the penis every year.

Apparently, this bifurcation was accidentally made after a previous surgical procedure was incorrectly placed in a Foley catheter. This caused this rare condition to develop in humans.

Fortunately, the man’s condition was corrected and he no longer presents the problem of urinating or ejaculating through the anus.

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