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#Diabetes Diabetes Day technology can be an ally in fighting this disease.


Mexico is the fifth most common cause of diabetes, accounting for 15% of deaths from the disease.

Diabetes is the second most common disease in Mexico, but not a death sentence, according to the Inegi Institute of Geography, Mexico's National Center for Health and Nutrition in 2016.

According to the report, 15.4 percent of Mexicans die from diabetes, and 19.9 percent died from heart disease and 12.9 percent from malignant tumors.

The survey shows that 9.4% of the population has disease, while 90% of people with diabetes are associated with obesity and overweight.

Gisela Ayala Téllez, Secretary General of the Diabetes Federation of Mexico, added that the reversal of this trend is a marvelous disease but not a death sentence, and that the current choices to control it are sufficient.

There is a stage called prediabetes, which is higher than normal but not enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. In other words, it is a warning to change habits in the body. You can adjust your glucose levels before it's too late.

However, most people ignore it and Mexico health system has been exceeded as a preventive measure.

Technology, everything important for life

Mexico is fifth in the world with diabetes and 7 out of 10 people with diabetes are estimated to have diabetes.

The prevalence of diabetes in the country declined from 9.2% in 2012 to 9.4% in 2016, but 46.6% did not take preventative measures to prevent complications from disease.

In this sense, the pharmaceutical industry has chosen technology that facilitates diabetes management.

To do this, you can create a glucose meter that is registered directly in your MySugr application, such as Roche's Accu-Chek Instant, to help doctors better understand each patient's illness and avoid damage. Complications such as blindness.

The fourth stage of diabetes education

Gisela Ayala Téllez said in an interview with Publimetro that the Mexico Diabetes Federation has a positive view of its work with the next administration.

He said that after the protests by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, they prepared a meeting to present seven priorities for public policy that they hope will be implemented in a gender-segregated health strategy.

One of the priorities that he has in common with the new administration is to know specific data on Mexico's disease – how many people are suffering, what kind of diabetes it affects, and where they are and what they are. Make better decisions about investment and medical care.

Risk factor

Obesity and overweight

Zhengzhou life

Must be at least 40 years old.

Family history

Fatty liver

Gestational diabetes history

I do not know why African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders are more likely.

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