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Danna Paola: this is her opinion about Ari, the character played by Carla Díaz in Elite | Lu | Netflix Series | nnda-nnlt | OUTSIDE

One of the new faces of the fourth season of Elite It’s that of actress Carla Díaz. The young woman from Madrid is 23 years old and has some television programs that support her. Díaz comes to the youth series to play Ari, a character with similar characteristics to Lucrecia (Danna Paola), who is often described as her role model.

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A month after the premiere, the Spanish drama speaks through for the new income in her cast. As it is recalled, some of the victims were this season Ester Exposito and Danna Paola, and in his replacement they came with Martina Cariddi and Carla Díaz, who play the Blanco sisters.

While the character of Mencía (Martina Cariddi) She is a rebellious young woman who will be in a lot of trouble all season. Ari she is the complete opposite of her sister. She is a perfectionist and knows what she wants in life, or so she thinks.

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His attitude despot and with airs of superiority against her classmates she is equal to the personality of Lucrecia; like his attraction by Gúzman, Both are also very applied in their study and enjoy fashion, Another detail that also stands out is that the two ladies have great skills in the water.

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As recalled, the mexican singer decided to leave the hit series to pursue his musical career. In a recent interview with De Divaza, they asked him if his character was Ari’s enemy, to which he replied:

“Ari should take a step to talk to her (Lucrecia) (…), I think she should meet Ari, because Lucrecia is now in the mood to meet people before they judge, but she would get one or the other bitchy thing “.

He also expressed his opinion on the rest of the actors entering the new season: “The new cast makes a lot of impression on me, there’s a lot of freshness, it’s super different and it changes the whole atmosphere.”


Fans of the spicy character that gave life Danna Paola She has to resign in order not to be seen in the series again, because according to the actress’ statements, her chapter in the program has ended:

“Lucrecia is a character that has marked my life (…), a wonderful story was closed, Lucrecia stayed in a special place for the audience and in my heart.”

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