Sunday , December 5 2021

Cinépolis will show "Roma" as Netflix premieres succeed


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The only way that Cinépolis chain program ROMA, by Alfonso Cuarón, is that Netflix leaves its release on the digital platform, announced on December 14.

Through a statement, the publisher with presence in more than 70 cities, details that since May's conversations started with Netflix to show the winning movie on Venice, but the business models could not match.

Traditionally, the windows between the exit of a film clip and his projection on a girl are 90 days, which does not look at the company of American origin.

"It is far from the general practices of 'sector', which adds the Cinépolis text.

Considering that in the case of agreement between the two parties, 50% of the collection is donated to social organizations that are linked to the cause of internal work.

"We have invited Netflix to earn the premium of ROMA on its countryside to respect the traditional window of exhibition in filmstay, and Cinépolis will be happy to take on November 29 in all our cinemas."

The last weekend, Matt Brondlie, director of Netflix acquisitions, discovered in a text that Cinépolis and Cinemex made available to the story of 1971 that his principal has the lullaby of a family in Mexico City.

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