Wednesday , October 27 2021

China investigates scientist who has the first genetically modified children's books


China's health and medical ethics began a research on Monday about the statement of He Jiankui, a Chinese scientist who has been in a series of five videos – posted on YouTube last Sunday – he was the DNA of tiredness that were born this month. November, the first genetic change of children in history, reports Reuters.

According to these authors, the University of Science and Technology of the South, in Shenzhen (Canton, China), an institution in which Jiankui is a teacher professor, said he did not have any information on this research project and that The teacher in demand has a permit Since February of this year to 2021 was not paid without payment. The educational center described the experiment Jiankui as well "Serious Violation of Ethics and Academic Standards"While other scholars at international level show their rejection in this relationship and catalog the actions performed by the Chinese researcher as "great", "responsible, inaccessible and dangerous".

The National Health Commission of China gave its concern about the matter for their part and said it had already ruled the officials of the province around # to make a genuine research and to explore. Other organizations, such as the Medical Ethical Committee of Shenzhen and the Guangdong Provincial Health Welfare, have also investigated.

An important scientific step?

The Chinese scientist focuses on him changed embryos from different pairs some fertility treatments. He tried to implant the capitals' capabilities try a future infection with AIDS, what some of the people do not have.

The parents of twins do not have to be identified or interviewed; It is also unknown where they live or where the experiment was placed. Chinese law contains genetic work, but contains cloning.

If the information about the experiment is true, it would be an important scientific step that has a deep ethical impact. DNA change can happen with future generations and there is a risk that other genes become harmful. Many traditional scientists consider this activity dangerous, and some even proclaim that it is experimentation on human.

Jiankui told Reuters that his research began early mid-day 2017 and eight patients, all of whom potentially infected with AIDS. He also announced that he will share new information about this project under a scientific forum that takes place this week and that he will publish a study later on this issue. He also determined that his aim was to be genetically modified by children's "life-saving" against AIDS.

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