Thursday , June 24 2021

Chile will support the unemployed in Afghanistan.

"We are already working to establish a strategy to support these workers in the best possible way." Fernando, Deputy Minister of Labor, acknowledged this and supported the Ministry of Labor's support to some 500 workers who would be separated from Afacada.

As the Loan explains, the closure of the company is due to the long-running restructuring process that has resulted from a series of economic problems.

"Obviously, we are already in contact with the company and will provide all the support to workers so that they can get their workers back to work in the same field of work or through training to allow retraining," the Arab said. The government's response plan is similar to the announcement of the closure of the Maersk plant in San Antonio, where nearly 2,000 people were unemployed.

"First, we want to know what the worker is doing, what they are doing and what is the best way to help them. We are working to resolve this, and hope to get a clearer picture in the future. "

As to how the Maersk workers' reinstatement is going on, Assistant Secretary Said it was successful.

Massive closure

The situation at Farmacias Ahumada is due to the arrival of Michele Ingravallo, a new general manager, in Chile, where his arrival will reduce his portfolio by 50 points in both Santiago and elsewhere for just a month and a half. Of the 424 stores, 10% belong to this group. After signing, the giant's plan is not limited to Chile. CEO James Kehoe confirmed in its quarterly earnings presentation a massive store closet that would bring in $ 650 million in the middle of the optimization plan.

"At the end of the fiscal year, we closed 458 stores in accordance with our plan, and our goal is to complete the program by the end of the fiscal year 2019," the CEO said. In Chile, in terms of manpower, initiatives have resulted in 500 endpoints and 20 closure already.

This course marks milestones recorded in the FASA as the largest enrollment for 150 dismissals from 2008 and 200 dismissals from 2010.

Creating a job

Felipe Larraín, Treasury Secretary, said, "If the investment is restored, we can maintain a higher level of employment."

The director of the public wallet said, "We are very sorry that some jobs are being destroyed. There are jobs to be created," he said. Quebrada Blanca II mining project was launched to create 11,000 jobs, or Arauco's MAP Copec can create 8,000 jobs.

Canadian company acquires Chilean mining company in Glencore

Xiana Mining, a Canadian company, has given Glencore 100% purchase of Minera Altos De Punitaqui. Glencore made $ 25 million in copper-gold work to treat 3,600 metric tons of ore every day in Chile and 1.5 percent of net casting royalties.

This operation has been announced since last May.

Carlos Ballon, president and CEO of the company, said: "We are pleased to conclude the acquisition and financing of Altos de Punitaqui, an excellent asset for Xiana's portfolio, ".

In addition, he announced that a company like Zaldívar, Pelambres and Andina would run a new general manager, Jaime Guzmán, with 30 years of experience in the industry.

The Altos de Punitaqui complex considers three tasks in addition to infrastructure processing. (Diario Financiero / Chile)

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