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Childhood Obesity and Overweight: Responsibility is for adults. Chronicle


Gabriel Arias

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One of the problems that plagues the world for adults and children is the surprise. Obesity and childhood overweight, because only 30% of children in Korea is infected with the disease. Affected school age and 6% suffer from obesity. The result is terrible because it can lead to chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

For this reason,
Victoria Falcon (Pediatrics and MD 140452) Recommendation:
"It is important to encourage the development of a healthy life based on good nutrition along with physical activity." Regarding food, 17.6% of children's habits and 13- to 15-year- Five times a day, half of the population of that age is consuming two or more sugary drinks per day. Childhood is the best time to contribute to a child's habits. Be a healthy adult ".

Food Tips

As for food, there are points to help children:

Homemade food Priority: Processed foods are attractive products for children in attractive packaging and marketing strategies. The taste is made up of salt, sugar, added fat, and stimulants of human taste. Many times the sugar is not among the ingredients, but if you are looking for other people with corn syrup, glucose and glucose. The basic product to be processed is a lot of nutrients lost and is supplemented with dyes, fragrance enhancers, preservatives, vitamins and synthetic nutrients. Therefore, it can be advertised as rich in calcium and vitamins, and the durability of the product deteriorates the quality. When you buy food, you should read the ingredient label and bring it into small quantities. Homemade food is excellent because it contains ingredients and raw materials that control the use of salt, sugar, and fat, especially in the foods you eat when you prepare your food.

Increased water consumption: Juices and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Even if they contain sweeteners, consuming more than the recommended amount may cause long-term side effects. When you are consumed to relieve your thirst, you will consume more sugars or sweeteners than the recommended amount at the end of the day. Drinking juice from time to time helps the health of vitamins. However, the best way to take advantage of the fruit is to eat the whole, even though the fruit should be consumed first. Water is the fluid that provides the best moisture for everyone.

Balance plate assembly: When you eat only one type of food, one type of vegetable or fruit or one type of meat will limit nutrient intake. Each food provides a wide variety of vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. The diverse the diets, the greater the variety and density of the nutrients. As for the part, the key is to adjust the amount, respect the fulness of the child, avoid eating without appetite and incorporate the concept of temperance.

Review : There is no prohibited food because everything can be consumed moderately. Children's candy, juice, or chocolate rarely correct long-term healthy habits. You can enjoy these occasional tastes at home. Children will not be despairing with drinks, juices, snacks, birthdays or parties.

Greater physical activity

However, these eating habits must accompany physical activity. The Department of Health's Physical Activity and Health Council has confirmed that 83% of Argentine youth are inadequate. Therefore, physical activity is recommended depending on the age of the child.

Under 6 years: Free play time is the equivalent of physical activity, ideally square and outdoors in the park.

Children between 6 and 12 years old: Activities are fun, fun and not necessarily formal sports programs, so it's time to start sports in a relaxed atmosphere. Controlling the stimulus with the game method allows you to maintain activity and exercise more without fatigue for longer. Since it is a necessary step to acquire and improve motor technology and coordination, it is advisable to try different sports (without competition) to acquire various skills.

Children aged 10-12: You can start a competitive sport within a framework appropriate to your child's age and physical condition. Group activities are very pleasant at this stage and facilitate compliance.

Tips to Achieve

There was talk of eating advice, occasional eating, the amount and priority of homemade food for "outside", but there is another point to improve the quality of life. It is related to knowing what foods are recommended to them.

A) Half of the surface of the dish must be covered with vegetables, cooked uncooked, cooked, sauces, white sauces or scrambled.

B) One-quarter of the dishes are assigned to accompanying proteins that can be beef, chicken, pork or fish or eggs, and other options are vegetable proteins such as quinoa, legumes and soy derivatives.

C) The fourth dish is for complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, legumes, sweet potatoes, potatoes or pasta.

D) Finally add vegetable oil, avocado, nuts or fat sources such as olives.

E) You can eat yogurt, cheese or toast, homemade biscuits or egg-free cereal with eggs and fruit at breakfast and snacks.

The Key to Better Understanding

1) In Korea, 30% of school – aged children are overweight and 6% are obese.

2) The consequences are severe because they can lead to chronic non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

3) Only 17.6% of boys aged between 13 and 15 eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily.

4) It is a good idea to prioritize homemade foods, increase water consumption, prepare balanced dishes, and eat modestly.

5) Physicians should be tested before starting the exercise, but physical activity should be accompanied by good nutrition.

6) 83% of Argentine youth are not active.

7) Some sources of vegetables, fruits, legumes, chicken, beef, pork or fish, carbohydrates and fats are recommended.

8) Adults have a responsibility to accompany their children to inject good habits.

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