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The case of girls who had been vaccinated against papilloma virus in Carmen de Bolívar (Bolivar) in 2014 was recorded as a milestone in the immunization program launched in 2012. That year, some minors in the country said they were "fainted" because of the vaccine.

According to figures released by Diego García and the Ministry of Health, the program will not use the vaccine strictly with fainting, but will release the relevant news, and after 95% of the first dose in 2013, 6% open

In this scenario, in 2015, Javier Luna was the provincial health minister of Carmen de Bolívar. crowd He addressed the topic of "Lessons learned and the way forward" in the prevention and control of HPV in Colombia and the meeting of cancer associated with HPV.

When he gained ownership, how did he discover the situation of Carmen de Bolívar in relation to the vaccine against human papilloma virus?

A year ago, the first crisis occurred. It was a very complicated situation. The first thing we did was to provide full support and follow-up on EPS to get the girls the attention they needed by meeting the parent council.

How was your meeting?

At first it was good. Authorization is delayed and follow-up to EPS is required to take advantage of emergencies. And we tried to improve the bad environment that existed between emergency workers and parents. We even met the hospital directives and both agreed to lower the expenses a little.

So did the women still have symptoms?

That's right. They continued to show symptoms until 2016. The initial database taken in an emergency situation has apparently decreased.

How are things going now?

He is much calmer. We thoroughly abided by our commitment to the Ministry, the provision of health centers, the rescue plan for first-class city ESE, and our commitment to mobile devices for care in rural areas. We reached a settlement with Super and permanently and permanently withheld any concerns or complaints about unapproved and non-delivery EPS. Parents demanded to provide transportation because Carmen is hard to reach. It became a somewhat complicated situation that the position of the secretariat should be neutral.

In terms of scientific evidence, how about the assurance of the harmlessness of the vaccine?

Null Despite the very lukewarm efforts we have made so far, we could not develop it. It is difficult for the PA to act at the secretariat because it has some power over the vaccine issue. We have increased the vaccine to "stock" 10 times this year and there was no demand for any kind. From January, however, we will create deals for schools and educational institutions and remind each girl that they can get vaccinated. And start with the advertising that will be the most difficult part of this four years.

But we need to build a strategy to persuade people …

To find out exactly how to eliminate the stigma of the HPV vaccine, you should consider the possibility of getting more information through local channels and other methods. The problem is that it is not just a municipal health minister's strategy. It is a problem that belongs to us. Bogota is easier to say in areas where there is little access to any type of communication. I can do aggressive strategies, but they will have their reasons for all the vaccine opponents, and I respect their position, but scientifically they have no evidence. That's where we hit the first time. After several meetings, in a sense it was a bit warmer, but the vaccine clearly did not maintain a clear position that it had nothing to do with the problem.

It is a job I deal with very carefully because it is the fear that is established by the girls and those who have lived directly with their situation. I have always repeated that women are not sick. There is actually a basic pathology diagnosed. Everyone was diagnosed and some have already left their control. However, there is a diagnosis related to the application of the vaccine. It was the hardest thing and I lived it in my own case … My wife tells me she doubts. Even if he brings evidence to him, he says, "I have a doubt." And I put myself in the shoes of the family mother. They saw girls covered in motorcycles, school crises, and countless things.

And if you have presented your wife with scientific evidence, what is the next step to convince her?

Well, the next step is to convince her to take her to Bogota (laughs). I can not see easily. But I think she should prioritize our future health and our future. I talked to her mother one day when she was in crisis in the classroom, she told her mom that she did not go out of the room and set up an example of a woman in the sidewalk India. And it worked. The girl never repeated the crisis. And she said she was a healthy girl and told me she would put her on her third dose.

The Secretariat has two permanent people to file a complaint. Many girls are still under age and lack support for family welfare. I can not solve the subject with the ability of this institute in territorial order.

How many companions do you feel in this congregation?

I've got support for ministry, but I'm really lonely. I have even been threatened by the threat of my life and my daughter, but that is my political and social role. I have always been a public person and I have been working in Carmen for 18 years in the public sector.

Does your market believe you?

Yes, of course. The market gave me total confidence. The only fact we did not agree is this issue of the HPV vaccine. I respect his standards and position.

How do you feel knowing that you are the health minister of a population who has set a landmark milestone in the country's indicators?

They feel too much. Responsibility and satisfaction of obligations has been achieved. I have achieved what I have arrived, and I feel that I am in a clear position and the vaccine has nothing to do with the effects of repeatedly painful girls. But we finished everything. I work in EPS. We think that at some point we need to find more ways to make matters visible without the attention we need. I acknowledge the efforts of the ministry but have also been able to do more to care for these parents. Carmen de Bolívar is a small Colombia, with all the problems. You have to look at it with more national problems. Let's see what course God and destiny follow.

We have 1 year and 1 month left for human papilloma virus activity. What will happen?

Re-vaccination at school. Take a calm and relaxation with the pilot school and work with the municipality to explain the benefits you will receive from your parents. It is an initial plan. We want God to be with us.

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