Sunday , December 5 2021

Cantú recognizes that the Tri-World Cup must still be honored


The general sports director of the Mexican football club says FIFA has not made the matching payments for participation in the World Cup in Russia.

Cantú recognizes that the Tri World Cup has to be paid | The chronicle of today

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Guillermo Cantú, general sports director of Mexico City Football Association, recognized the lack of pricing at # 39; The players participating in the World Cup matches of 2018.

After the defeats in the playoffs against Argentina, the director said that the differences that had existed with the players in # 39; The last few months in Europe, was in this situation. "It is a fact that the FIFA has not made the matching payments. We have been in communication to limit what is not paid," he said.

Despite this situation, he gave the players not called Ricardo Ferretti, "will not be deleted", so he will talk about the next World Cup.

"We have communication, it is not the same to speak about the phone or send a message." After the World Cup, this short preseason was difficult for them and some had physical problems, we should end this ".

Cantu asserted that the next national offense should ensure that the friendly matches are called and do not think about the same old men.

"It's important to expand the player base and make it better in the future." We have to think about the generation change and the integration of experience at core objectives, "he said.


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