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Ben Affleck's dramatic moments: return to rehabilitation after his divorce – 11/14/2018


In August, he was on the news because he was hospitalized at a rehabilitation clinic. A few weeks later he laughed again. More ghosts of addiction can fall again.. Ben Affleck is experiencing the worst moments. He returned to the hospital. Help is urgently required.

"He went to the darkest place until someone reached out." People published it almost three months ago. "He drank for a few days, barely eaten and did not take a shower," he said.

Now, the news about captivating Hollywood is no longer encouraging. After Affleck (46) and her former partner, Jennifer Garner (46)When I saw a happy family talking and walking with the children, Ben (Ben) came back to the rehabilitation center.

Affleck on his arrival at the premiere

Affleck to arrive at the premiere of "Accountant". (EFE).

There he will try to overcome alcoholism. One source said, "I told the newspaper for my children. mirror.

"He needs several months of treatment to get drunk."Ben's environment is guaranteed by the quoted method. Ben pretended to be an "outpatient," but this time he chose to "stay as long as necessary."

It is the fourth hospital in which Ben was hospitalized in history. Or at least the fourth is a media account. He received rehabilitation treatment in 2001 and 2017. It is 2017 that publicly acknowledged the issue of alcohol in 2017. "My children want to know that they do not have to be ashamed to ask for help when they need it." This was the first of many steps. Positive recovery, "he said.

"I want to be the best father I can live to the maximum of my life, and I want to be a source of strength for those who need help, but I am afraid to take the first step," he added.

Facebook's emotional statement that Ben spoke about alcohol.

Facebook's emotional statement that Ben spoke about alcohol.

After 13 years of marriage, Ben and Jennifer had a friendly relationship, both of which were proven through the latest snapshots. In them I could see an accomplice to them while eating ice cream.

Jennifer is now on TV. With the HBO comedy, Camping, The actress returns to media that made her famous as a spy in J J Abrams' series Alias.

It was not easy for Jenny. In August, she was starred in the Hall of Fame, admitting her war criminal into a rehabilitation clinic. Good simulator, smile and happy life, but it did not work perfectly at home.

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