Monday , January 18 2021

Belinda is reprimanded by her father for her bold cutting.

During the presentation of his clothes line, Belinda She was dismissed of her example by her father who hesitantly pointed out that his neck was very distinct.

The same singer will be observed by the man through a series of videos shared in the Instagram account. Ignacio Peregrino A young woman is uncomfortable with the look she used to start her collection. "You will not wear (support), I will think they are your spouse." Don Ignacio, one of the clips, says. From her point of view, the singer insisted, "Dad is today, do not exaggerate."

And when Peregrín asks Beli, "How do you exploit me?", His father said, "You are disgusted and exploited," his father said: "It is not tied to anything. , And you are all that (exposed). "

Nacho Peregrín added that the artist is forced to age without seeing anything. "If I know, I will not go."

During the presentation, singers and actresses were asked by their neck. "In Mexico (say), say good, but if you close your jacket, you can put down your jeans. You can go to the bar with a super cool necklace, you can go to dinner , You can go everywhere by closing the bag but nothing goes down and it looks sexy and elegant.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that artists such as Michelle Vieth and Esmeralda Pimentel, who were fascinated by the design of Beli, attended the event.

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