Saturday , December 4 2021

Be attentive! Nose of traffic causes obesity


MADRID, Spain. – Long exposure of traffic from the traffic is connected to a Increase in obesity risk.

This can be seen by the conclusions of a study involving the Institute for Global Health of Barcelona (ISGlobal), a center promoted by the Banking Foundation "La Caixa". The study is published in the magazine Environmental International.

According to the newspaper Vanguardia, the study focused on checking out the results of 'few previous works that have already been shown relationships between traffic lights and various obesity markers.

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Prior to that, they had about 3.779 adults participating in the SAPALDIA Switskokoarstoarst and there were two successive visits between 2001 and 2011. The study was based on objective measures such as weight, height, mass massage. , the size of the size and the percentage of abdominal fat of each participant. These data were combined with the sound effects of sound generated by transport developed under the SiRene Swiss project.

"Our analysis shows that, effective, people who are more louder than sound of the traffic has a higher risk of obesity. For example, we estimated that an increase of 10 dB in mediocre sounds was found in 17% more obesity, "explains Maria Foraster, ISGlobal researcher and first writer of study.

The study also examined the sound tax that was generated by air and road traffic without finding major associations, except in the case of long-term shutdown of traffic from the carriage, where Yes, it was related to an increased risk of overweight, but no obesity.

The methodological design specifies the approach of two data presenters: a transversal approach to perform an analysis of & # 39; a participating population at a specific time of study and examining various objective measures, while the longitudinal perspective examined the evolution of obesity risk as a whole. In both cases, the associations were found in relation to traffic. It was not as it is about weight, this was only related to the exhibition for traffic in cross-sectional analysis. Also, there was a relationship between sound and a change in the body of & # 39; the body, continuously measured, in longitudinal analyzes.

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