Tuesday , March 2 2021

Aside from Didi, from China, there are many years of experience in artificial intelligence

In the past, we have found great merchandise that, by cultural heroes and geoestrategies, involves an empowerment of destinations in the determinate sectoral techniques that dictate the great companions that dominate the sectors in Occidente (Yandex and Baidu, alternative rusa and china -respectivamente- a Google, son grandes ejemplos).

El problema es que, a veces, This is a very difficult day for the great advances in logos in the 'alternatives' that are not present in EEUU and / or España: Here's the Didi Chuxing logging in and out of the category.

Mucho más que "el Uber chino"

Didi Chuxing It's the mayor's companion of the world's computers, aunque muchas veces oigamos hablar de ella únicamente como "el uber chino". It is precisely why we have more than our mindset, Didi Chuxing confirms that its ambition is "converting to a world leader in the transport and automobile revolution".

The company, valued and 56,000 millions of dollars, consumes around China with 550 millions of customers Ofrece 30 millones de viajes por día. Didi has no presidency in the United States, but in Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico (and many other places, including acres).

In China, senior, care for rivals relevant: Over the last two years of 2013 (due to the fact that only one vice is happening) and intends to take a few dollars in inversion hiccups to compete in the comparisons of millions of gastronomic merchants in the chino market.

Finally, Didi will take over the course in 2016 for the first time that she has been drafted with control over the operations of Uber China. As early as the day, Apple announced an inversion of 1,000 millions of dollars in China.

Hacia el liderazgo a través de la IA


Globally, used with 7000 empleados, This is a privileged feature of the ellos of engineering and digital censorship which contributes to the technology that deserves in the campus of the automotive cars and the intellectual artificial.

If you do it yourself, Quizá was interested in what might have been controversial In fact, a director of Didi Labs, Fengmin Gong, has "prioritized the continuous recovery and retention of the world's leading learning technologies in order to resolve the problems of the world's most difficult issues."

This video was uploaded to a resolution, Didi has funded its three centers of artificial intelligence investigation (one in Silicon Valley and others in Pekin) and experimenting with technology as the natural laminate process, the vision of the ordinary and the profound approval.

The information is simple, and Didi recalls a tremendous amount of data that the sit-in will have a destructive impact on the timing of advances in campuses such as traffic congestion and optimization of rutas.

¿What is the desolation of Didi in these moments?

  • La plataforma Didi Smart Transportation Brain, which allows combining data-based processes of sensing of its own flow of vehicles, trafficking cameras and other explosive devices and privacy, with the purpose of managing the trafficking of grave caves in the center of the artificial intelligence (permitting, by ejemplo , create redes in intelligent semaphorees).

  • An assistant digital para vehículos activated by the fact that facilitates the performance of the service as the content of the multimedia content or the gasoline localization, the higher the servos of the recalls.

  • A service navegación of realidad aumentada, based on mobile apps, allows users to access a 3D (visualized image) and perform great architectures such as airports, train stations and mid-range buses, to accommodate one point of recruiting one of their vehicles.

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