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Amazon dictatorship countries


"It's a big fury that the government of Cuomo is willing to offer up to $ 300 million in taxpayer money without consulting with anyone in New York to hand over the $ 30 million taxpayer money to the wealthiest people in the United States If you can not stop it, what is a senator with a Democratic majority who works hard in New York, the planet? "New York State legislator Ron Kim said.

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Amazon announced a long-awaited announcement this week. That is, where the second headquarters would be located. HQ2 was abbreviated in English. The selection process faced more than 200 cities competing for the possibility of accommodating the company's new campus, which resulted in the appointment of 50,000 high-paying jobs. In a competition to provide companies with as many tempting public subsidies and attractive tax exemptions as possible, politicians fell before Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, the giant founder and CEO of Internet sales. Local authorities expected the victory city to flourish with the increase in tax revenue and the emergence of a thriving technology center that could compete with the Silicon Valley itself. Finally, Amazon announced that its new headquarters is split into two smaller areas in Queens, New York and Crystal City, Virginia. Details of publicly supported subsidies to be awarded to Amazon have not been disclosed, but what has been known so far is enough to confirm the worst fears of Amazon's critics. HQ2 bid better, waste. Another example of corporate welfare where the money of working class taxpayers is transferred to large corporations and their billionaires.

Andrew Cuomo, Mayor of New York State, and Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, interviewed Ron, the New York State legislature and the progressive Democrat Kim, Democracy Now!: "It is a great fury that the government of Cuomo is willing to provide up to $ 30 million in taxpayer money without consulting with anyone in New York, who handed over $ 30 million in taxpayer money to the wealthiest people in the United States. If you can not stop it, what is a senator with a Democratic majority who works hard in New York State? Planet? "Kim spoke of Democratic victory in New York State last week in the election, and for the third time in 50 years, I got it. Chairman Kim is optimistic and believes generous subsidies can be abolished between the House of Representatives and the National Assembly, which the Democratic Party controls in part when the House of Representatives is restructured.

magazine time He estimated that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took only 9 seconds to get the average worker in Amazon to $ 28,000 a year. Greg LeRoy, an organization that defends corporate and governmental responsibilities for the economic development of working families, has long been known as "Good Jobs First" for "long-lasting mega transactions." "Courtship courts created by New York and Virginia at the HQ2 headquarters in the Amazon Like LeRoy, in an interview with Democracy Now! "This is a new example of Amazon that paid for it anyway. I wanted to be in the financial capital of the world, the state, and the political capital of the country, so there was no remarkable place in the selected area. Once again we are paying huge subsidies to the company to do whatever I want. "

Mayor Bill de Blasio welcomed Amazon's decision to place its headquarters in Queens's Long Island City: "We have tens of thousands of ordinary New Yorkers, Children, our community colleges and four-year colleges. "Greg LeRoy said: "We generally know that four out of five new employees in these projects will not be in New York or Arlington. [Virginia]. They will be people who migrate from outside to this area. This means there is a big expansion in many schools and infrastructure and public services. "All of this is paid by the taxpayer, not the Amazon.

LeRoy explains: "Most of the profits, including all profits over the years, come from Amazon's Internet services, which is the largest online computer services company in the world, with a market share of about 40% Among the most profitable customers in the space are the Pentagon, the CIA, and other federal agencies. Amazon is actively lobbying to better manage federal procurement lines and state and local procurement lines. We do not know that the HQ2 headquarters is actually close to the Pentagon, a few meters away. "

"Amazon does not simply want to dominate the market, I want to be a market," the headline of the weekly article said. people It was written by Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Sufficiency. "Today, Amazon is capturing a dollar out of the two dollars that Americans wrote online," Mitchell said. Also eliminate small businesses. "We are losing about two retail jobs for each job created in the Amazon warehouse, but instead of considering Amazon as the dominant company in this market, More than half of all product searches on the Internet through the online platform will start on the Amazon website.For a company that produces or sells retail stores, If you want to get closer you have to rely more on sales on the Amazon platform, which means that Amazon now controls this business. "

Initially, Jeff Bezos called his company "Cadabra" as in "abracadabra". But according to legend, his lawyer told him he sounded like a "corpse". Whether Amazon's new headquarters will open up the era of Queens high-tech, or eliminate small businesses, raise rents and leave the bodies of these neighbors. Working class.

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