Tuesday , October 26 2021

Adela Micha screamed Mijares by forgetting his divorce with Lucero


Mexico City.- Quite doubt is the communicator Adela Micha is still one of the popular presenters and important in Mexico, to have their long career as professional interprets field of journalism, according to some spectators.

The ea of Lucero He was a guest for that program, but he never thought that they would be put into action Check '& # 39; with a question Adela Micha.

In Q & A, Adela Micha asked Mijares If the theme will be interpreted If you had me, a song that the victory of a a big problem.

Mijares told her that it was a very strong song and that she did not sing, and the journalist took care of her: "They say you have dedicated it to Lucero," but the singer replied that it was not true

It's a very good sound and it works a lot, in fact I think it's the most applauded on the show. "

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