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According to SSP-CDMX, this is the reason for the fighting in San Juanico


Mexico City .- violence In ~ gas station And try Rescue The alleged thief caused a conflict between the capitalist and the inhabitants. San Juan Ixhuatepec, Mexican state, and road blockade, Raymundo Collins, Mexico City Public Security Bureau (SSP-CDMX).

He explained that some of the police officers who were derived from the case were injured and some of them were wounded. In addition to those patrols and motorcycles, this Monday was damaged on Sunday and tomorrow night.

"This is an act of destruction and unforgivable, but we can not tolerate it." I hurt the element, destroyed the patrol, and we arrested the criminal. "

He said everything began on Sunday evening when a gas station worker at the market of Periférico, Ticomán, Colonia Lagunas de Acueducto, and Gustavo A. Madero asked the police.

"We are being threatened by (gun) firearms, forcefully loading fuel into our vehicles and losing an account ($ 15,000)," Collins said.

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He added that the search and persecution of the Nissan Tiida gray vehicle, which was accomplished in Acueducto and Ticomán, was initiated. A driver stolen with a gun was admitted to be assaulted by a gas station crew.

Colin said several taxis arrived from Mexico at the time of his arrest. The crew tried to rescue the prisoner, beating the prisoner and ruining several patrols.

He asked for assistance while the police were being beaten and they were sent in 80 to 100 elements.

"When we collided with police support agents and threw stones and sticks and tried to rescue people, our elements avoided attacks and dealt with various subjects, and when the police withdrew their neighbors, they continued to invade the entrance. He said.

He was admitted to the hospital because of the assault of the local governor, along with some of the attacked police officers, who suffered significant injuries to the upper and lower jaws.

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He pointed out that the entry of police officers in Mexico City in Mexico City occurred in the context of a history of common threatening persecution. "It has always been like that," he said.

"If this does not happen, then the border area will be" the border of terror, "Collins said. "Fortunately, the Mexican state and Mexico City authorities maintain a broad partnership in this regard," he added.

Management criticized the posting of this information on social networks because it considers biased management to affect the media and create awareness of the sacrifice to the thief.

In this regard, he said he would punish him if he finds out that the police are abusing the residents by reviewing the videos and researches that have already carried out the company's internal problems.

San Juan Ixhuatepec and Lomas de San Juan Ixhuatepec residents blocked bilateral lanes on the Mexico-Pachuca highway from Monday's early hours to at least noon on Monday. Mexico and Mexico City.

Protesters allegedly broke into the streets and homes of the area Sunday night when police officers attacked streets and dozens of injured neighbors.

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