Tuesday , October 26 2021

A partial video-sharing video presents sexual assault


(CNN) – An adolescent jugador of the videojuegos of Florida has given birth to a sexual aggression that is being scanned by another jug ​​on the media of a microphone, like autoridades.

Daniel Enrique Fabian, 18-year-old, has been accused of launching a lust for a teenage 15 year-old girl in the video "Grand Theft Auto" in New Port Richey's June and June, according to the lunar month in a comic to the Sheriff's Office Condado de Pasco. Fabian was arrested on November 21, taking part with the Sheriff's office and documentaries of the cortex.

This person has the authority to read the "Grand Theft Auto" game and Play Station 4 with Fabian, which indicates the use of the microphone used to play some sex in the jaw with his house, the acuerdo con una declaración jurada. The documentation of the cortex indicates that the test was in place.

Fabian's microfone facial permitted heralding the jaws during 15 minutes, following the test of autonomy, with the statement.

The test will tell you what to do in the chica "No", the case with the declaration.

This is the case in the autoridades that she had made to Fabian who was detouring her because she had sexual harassment, segment of the declaration.

Fabian went to the test with the test for 15 minutes, following the test of the author.

The autoridades encode the DNA of Fabian into the vagina, according to the declaration.

The abbot designated for Fabian, Shannon Augustin, a criminal defender of the Sexto Circuito Judicial, has the potential to meet the martial arts of a comic book.

Fabian relocated to a case of Pasco condemned by his comparison on November 22.

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