Friday , February 3 2023

Worried about the Arsenal boss emery to draw after the wolf still starting to slow


Arsenal scored a 1-1 draw with the wolves. (AFP picture)

In UEFA Champions League, Ue Emery (England) has recovered from a Premier League wolf with a 1-1 draw, but is in a position to advance Arsenal's first half.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan's 86th-minute equalizer allowed the 16-match unbeaten run of all the contests Sunday at Emirates Stadium.

However, Arsenal acknowledged the first goal of the fourth consecutive Premier League match, and Arsenal manager Emery admitted that he needed to work.

"When we play for more than 90 minutes, both teams start a stronger game."

"In just over 90 minutes, you have to force the quality of the game, your job, and your personal fitness."

"The first half (Wolverhampton) was also very good and it was not easy to play against them in individual duel. Maybe one of the things we can improve, but it is naturally in our work."

Arsenal made a mistake by Ivan Cavaleiro goalkeeper Gunners (Granit Xhaka) in the 13th minute.

The Swiss International Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League finals team praised the improved performance this season, but Emery said that as with the other teams in the team, Xhaka should provide more.

"He's making a big commitment to us and the character," said Arsenal coach. "His performance and his quality are good for us."

"It's important to be with me and to act more consistently for the team, but to work our way."

"The most important thing is to improve a little bit with lots of effort, I think we are doing it, and Xhaka does it."

Arsenal did not have Danny Welbeck after the England team broke his ankle with Euroleague draw with Sporting Lisbon.

Emery admitted that the injuries were serious, though he did not specify how long the forward would be.

"Danny Welbeck's injury is a major injury." "He had an operation on Friday and we talked to him yesterday (Saturday) today (Sunday)."

"It's a big hurt, but the results … the doctor can answer better than I do," he added.

Arsenal were exposed to wolves during the first half.

Both teams have a chance to win – Wolf has hit the bottom of the bar instead of Morgan Gibbs – White. And Arsenal would appreciate Bernd Leno's nice play. Emery added responsibility for the attacking approach keeper.

"We knew that we needed a goalkeeper for his record today, because we give the opponent an opportunity to counter-attack when taking risks at the moment of attack." Today I thought his acting was good for us. "

Meanwhile, Leno dismissed the importance of unbeaten running and showed more interest in dropping two points at home.

"I think it's just statistics, we wanted to win, we just got drawn and I'm disappointed," said the goalkeeper as Arsenal placed fifth. Eight points were filled with leaders of Manchester City.

The wolf boss, Nuno Espirito Santo, was delighted that his team had finished three defeats.

"We have to be proud when we come to Emirates and play the way we did."

"Even if Arsenal have a draw, we have the best chance, they have asked the referee more time, and if we had more time we would have been better."

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