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Why wash your clothes at night, why you snore loudly M & # 39; sians Why get a divorce | Skip

The reason why Mösians is divorcing between washing clothes at night and distorting them

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Marriage is one of the most beautiful things you can do in your life. You will have a loving passion for spending eternity with your spouse and back each other through thick and thin.

But for some people there is no happy (or long) ending in their fairy tale love story.

Fortunately, absolutely not?

Many Malaysians have decided to end their marriage year by year, and some of them have come to an astonishing end for the most irrational reasons.

Hannah Yeoh, Minister for Family, Women and Family and Community Development talked about ridiculous reasons for her divorce on parliament Tuesday.

One of the reasons why a newly married couple applies for a divorce is a woman who does laundry at night, a spouse who snores loudly, a husband who does not like to eat in the car, and a wife who travels with friends.

Yes, we know!

This data was obtained from the Selangor Syariah Judiciary Department for married couples under five years.

Another reason for quoting is that political ideologies are different, and husbands are less salaried than their wives and have more spouses.

From 2013 to 2017 2,932 According to the federal territorial Islamic Religious Department (Jawi), the marriage is divorced for five years in Malaysia.

"For non-Muslims, according to (national) statistics of the national registration department (NRD) 14,440 I have filed a divorce case against a marriage for less than five years in the same period. "

"From that period, Zoho The highest number was recorded. 2,860 case, Then Kuala Lumpur (2,721 cases) and Selangor (1,858 cases)"He added.

Have you heard why people want to divorce? We have heard that a couple has filed a divorce suit because of their house keys.

unbelievable? Believe it.

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