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Who will eventually become king: Prince Charles is 70 years old.


Charles Charles, a resident of London, becomes king because of the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth. He would have waited longer than his predecessors who led the royal family a thousand years ago.
Some monarchies are afraid, and Republicans hope he will become a poor king. His followers believe that his wisdom, thoughtful concern and concern for conservation and the environment will gain public support that he deserves.
Looking back on everything is a clear end to his marriage to his first wife, Diana, and some hostility to some of his second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
Charles spoke in an interview with the GQ magazine in September saying, "You are accused of being controversial to pay attention to what is not necessarily required from an existing point of view.
"My problem is that I know what I want to do or that I have too many things I need to fight"
Charles Philippe Arthur George, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothsey, Earl of Carrick, Earl Renfron, Earl of Chester, Lord of the Isles, Prince of Scots and Great Steward were born November 14 at Buckingham Palace. , 1948.
He was four years old when his grandfather, George VI, died and his mother came to the throne at the age of 25. The following year Charles, along with his grandmother, aunt, and Princess Margaret, was considered Queen Elizabeth.
He despised Gordonstoun, his father's school in Scotland, but he was the first successor to the throne after studying at Cambridge University.
Prince Charles was established in 1969 as the Crown Prince of Wales. However, a 92 – year – old mother is in good health because she has no plans to retire.
It's not bad for some monarchies who think they will bring disaster to critics and Senator Windsor.
"Honestly, we are very lucky that he has not become king," said Tom Bower, a rebel author, because "the queen was the most exemplary monarch and the monarchy thought that Charles was going to undermine it because he received a lot of respect. Prince & # 39 ;, unauthorized electricity.
Such grueling biographies portray Charles as an arrogant and weak man who enjoys the luxury of his royal harpist. I do not tolerate criticism and I admit a strange theory.
Charles declined to interview this article.

"He is worthy"
All of his actions and words are often scrutinized by non-allied media, saying that Charles's supporters are his quarry.
"When you are in a very open position, loyalty and disloyalty are very complicated," said a former aide who worked with the prince for years.
He blamed Charles' character for a bad light.
"In an interview with Reuters, a former aide who asked for anonymity said," The facts are not true. "Bauer only spoke to disgruntled people."
So what does he really like?
"He's complicated, and I hardly met anyone like him, and I wanted to know what was happening and why it happened, and he has more than anything else to drive and is working hard." Former foreign affairs adviser said.
From 1998 to 2001, queen secretary general Simon Lewis said he was engaged in Prince Charles' "sense of humor".
"If you are a public figure, you will be criticized if you put your head on a railing," Lewis told Reuters.
Friends and enemies talk about their dedication. The work of the prince begins at breakfast. He does not eat lunch and ends around midnight each day. Former outside counselor said that he received a telephone call from Charles about Christmas.
Personally, Charles is passionate about art, culture, theater, literature, opera and pop. He is also an avid fan of Leonard Cohen.
The happiest in his garden, he loved Shakespeare, painted watercolors, and wrote children's books. The former minister said it was not only fun, but also decisive and demanding.

According to official figures, his recent overseas tour was the most expensive tour of the royal family.
"He is thinking about a very luxurious lifestyle that flies to private jets using royal trains," Bower said. His book was based on an interview with 120 people, many of whom worked. To the royal family.
Charles rejects such an assertion.
Bower said in an April interview with Australian radio that he had traveled with his own toilet.
But he can still do the legal show. If he enjoys it, there are beautiful food, wine and service.
"I think he is right for the Prince of Wales, or he thinks people will be disappointed," he said.

It is not just his life that captures complaints.
His campaign on causes such as climate and climate change has accused him of interfering with the problems the British royal family should avoid.
Charles, however, said that it was "criminally wrong" for people and his role not to use his position to look at him strongly. It would be impossible for a monarch to remain a political entity in accordance with the uncommitted Constitution of England.
"There have been a lot of things I have noticed that all these years, and not everyone else thought so, but maybe now a few years later, I'm starting to realize that what I'm trying to say is not true, Said in an interview with Harry in 2017.
His supporters say that his causes, such as helping disadvantaged young people find jobs and engage in interreligious conversations, are often fascinating and interested in their people.
He admits that he challenged orthodoxy. He has long been using an economic model that has polluted the world's oceans with plastic for a long time.
But other views, such as his support for complementary medicine, still draw contempt.
In 2013 he held 36 meetings with government ministers over three years and two years later the Supreme Court of England ruled that he sent checks to ministers for the award. Released.
Topics included rural homes, hospital food, and the fate of the Patagonian Toothfish.

But the issue that attracted the crowd was the divorce between Charles and the Paris car crash in 1997 and the marriage of Camilla to Diana in 2005. Some people blame Camilla for failing their first marriage.
Polls show that Charles's presence has never fully recovered from the damage he experienced in the 1990s. In a January 2018 poll, Charles picked up 9 percent.
In the same poll, 54% showed a favorable view of the prince, and 24% was undesirable. His mothers, William and Harry, are favored by more than 80% of Britons.
In a TV interview in 1995, Diana suggested that she did not want to become King Charles and did not play such a "choking" role. Then tell the people who work with him.
"Prince Charles will be the greatest monarch in history, and I think he will be a great king," Lewis said.
Charles disliked being a monarch, but because of his mother's death, the code London Bridge (The London Bridge), a well-prepared event behind the scenes, was ready.
Until then, his unique life as an heir will continue.
"People talk about privilege, money, palaces and Bentley," said a former aide to the prince. "It's a privilege, but it's a big burden. I can never hope for anyone to live that life."

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