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When can I buy Mickey Mouse? x Dosage of Makeup Collection? It is the most wearable Disney makeup.


Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday x Happy Birthday continues in the most amazing way. In addition to some fashion collabs all year round, this beloved Disney character inspired a sophisticated and incredibly wearable beauty capsule. The Mickey Mouse x Colose makeup collection will be dropped on Monday, November 12 at 11 am / 8 pm EST on the Dose of Colors site on Monday. The most attractive writing Mickey makeup products.

The collection consists of six fan eye shadow palettes. It is made of rich & # 39; n velvet mat and drab tones. The palette contains a peach color highlighter and the silhouette of Mickey Mouse is stamped on the product itself.

The palette is the center of the set and filled with neutrality to create a strong smoky eye. You can take it all day thanks to a shade that is easy to understand and piled up. You can expand the range and color. You can go back and forth and peek at it.

The palette also features a wink Mickey on the outer shell. Uh, it's so cute.

Mickey Mouse x Dose of Color features three special edition lip glosses, with neutral shades and shiny, opaque textures. Mickey's ear is featured in a hat. It's a subtle but cute touch.

Courtesy of dose

Finally, the suite of products includes three lip-up satin satin lipsticks that boast Mickey's silhouette with tilted bullet tips with bold and soft tones. People almost so cute. almost.

Congratulations on the black and gold packaging. Mickey's head and ears are instantly recognizable, but not overwhelming. The design is whimsical and playful and simple.

These color stories are all rich, warm and focused on appearance. You can not go wrong with any item in this collection. Especially if you are a Disney cartoonist.

Lips and lids will be well represented with these products. Dose of Colors is known as quality and pigmentation products. If you have not used your brand yet, you do not have time to get used to it.

There are only six eye shadows, but the possibilities and color combinations are endless. You can combine one or two colors, or mix all six together to create a custom eye shape. With this perfect portable $ 39 palette, you can shake every other eye style everyday. It can. and I'll take you on vacation.

That sample though. Soil color looks like velvet AF and has smokes and smudges. But those names. Disney x Introduces a more entertaining A.M that fully meets the aesthetics of Mickey Mouse. Makeup routine.

You can stack up to $ 17 lippies for extra depth and dimensions.

A close-up and personal look at $ 17 lipstick. You can try an ombre shape by pairing the hue in the middle with the hue in the right. Or shake that vampire, the glorious red one. The mouse ear silhouette disappears with a single swipe, but color rewards and texture are worth spoiling the graphics.

The highlighter is on a rectangular fan at the right end of the pallet. You can use it to highlight fave facial features or display the color on the lid cleanly. Or suddenly enters the tear tube area for unexpected sparkles and sparkles.

To steal is completely acceptable. all Of these products.

With Mickey Mouse x Dose of Colors you can get some inspiration.

And here is a little more inspiration.

Why not look at the Mickey Mouse x-dose IRL and the actual model in a different way?

This small but focused collection has so many great color combinations. It is a good thing to buy some products before you sell them.

Despite Mickey's anniversary, he and the power of Disney – continue to focus on your fans with this collaboration.

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