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The umbilical cord jewelry is clearly an object and surprisingly chic.


So, you already have Purity jewelry– Where do you go from there? If you were recently born (or planning in the near future), recent trends suggest that you might be looking at umbilical gems. New York Post Reported last week. Yes, really.

Umbilical jewelry sounds exactly like it, there are several jewelry designers out there providing services.

Classically trained metal technician and jeweler Ruth Abra, 39, said he started making jewelry in 2012 after his son's birth.

Avra's friend gave her a stump of her baby's umbilical cord in 2011. "She asked me to make something out of it, but I did not know what to do," Avra ​​said. Then, as soon as she was born, she saw the stump next to the thing she had given her and immediately said, "I knew what I had to do." She was particularly disturbed by the differences between the two, and she argued that she should be transformed into a gem by developing her thinking beyond metal-technician training. "These are really organic pieces – none are the same," she says.

After making a necklace for himself and a necklace for his friend, he said, "I was suddenly making them for all my friends." She is now Sell ​​it online. Since then, she has expanded her range to include jewelry made from baby's teeth, baby's first legs, hospital bracelets and cotton swabs.

Nianna Rodriguez (28 years old) had a similar idea five years ago. "I want to make something after I have my first daughter," Self says. After trial and error, Rodriguez says he finally found a successful technique. From there she started to sharpen her skills. Sell ​​online Made with breast milk and other "included" jewels and handmade soaps. "My mother actually took soap and got a cold in the old fashioned way," she says.

Jewelry is not for everyone.And that's okay!But it could be an incredibly special piece for others.

"The reason I wear my son and daughter is that I make it, which is literally the relationship between mother and child," Avra ​​explained. "How a baby nourishes, how a baby grows, it's a symbolic and figurative connection between a mother and a child, and once dropped, the physical connection is broken."

The umbilical cord is a hanging thing that many parents do not know what to do. And why not change it for decades or somewhere in the box, rather than sitting on a shelf over a baby book?

Likewise, Rodriguez said his project "would like to have a personal keepsake to remember the seasons of life with little children or barely taking a shower." Many of her clients say she simply wants to respect their baby or pregnancy, she says. And for those who are having difficulty getting pregnant or who are still babies, jewelry can be a particularly meaningful symbol.

If you are interested in making jewelry from your baby's umbilical cord stub, you do not need to do anything special except to keep it in a safe place.

During pregnancy, the umbilical cord is the pathway that supplies the baby with nutrients and oxygen. However, when the baby is born, the baby is no longer needed, so the baby is cut or cut, leaving a few stumps.

After birth, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, ob / gyn at Yal-New Haven Hospital, said it is important to clean and maintain the cord blood stump after obesity or obesity by a pediatrician. It usually means keeping the area dry and clean. This may be easier in a sponge bath. Mayo Clinic. After all, the stump usually falls on its own between one and three weeks after birth. It is best to let them fall by themselves when ready, but it is best to expose them to air.

But, there, if you want to change it to jewelry someday you really need to hang on it. Avra and Rodriguez admired how long the stump could be used. Rodriguez said he used what was 17 years old, and Avra ​​said he used a 20-year-old enthusiast. Your child's birth, therefore, does not have to be recent to get your own unique souvenir.

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