Friday , July 23 2021

SF9’s Chani will leave MC position after more than 2 years of ‘Music Core’

Chani will leave his MC position on “Music Core.”

The SF9 member became an MC of the MBC music show on February 16, 2019. Two years and five months, Chani impressed with stable hosting skills and showed strong chemistry with other MCs such as Kang Mina, Hyayjin of Stray Kids, and Kim Min Ju ,

He commented prior to his last broadcast, “I learned and realized a lot in over two years at ‘Music Core’. I am sincerely grateful to the production team who always warmly welcome me, the MCs I work with. , and the viewers who love ‘Music Core’, although I’m a little sad [to leave the position], I will work to show continuous improvement, wherever I am. I thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart. “

The latest episode of Chani as MC will air on July 17th. Following this episode, “Music Core” will not air for three weeks from July 24 to August 7 due to the broadcasting of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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