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Ronaldo is still the core of the team: Santos, football news & top stories


Milan • Portugal manager Fernando Santos has made "really satisfactory" progress in the Nations league semi-final without scoring a goal against Italy on Saturday at San Siro.

The European Champion became the first team despite the absence of captain and star Cristiano Ronaldo. Santos was delighted that the team was playing "a very difficult game".

"Playing in the final stages of this tournament is always important to Portugal and shows the quality of Portuguese football," he told reporters. "I suffered much more than I expected, but overall it was difficult, and it was difficult to adapt to the defensive behavior."

The final game against Poland in Kia Rice tomorrow is only an evil match, and the opposition has already been demoted to League B. – Santos still hopes to be good at home fans.

"The last match with Poland will be important because we will be in front of our supporters who will always be with us. We have to have a big game and win."

Santos also mentioned the missing Ronaldo in international football and has argued that it is still an indispensable part of the national system.

"Ronaldo has no questions to ask, and just reading his writings is part of the team," Santos said.

Roberto Mancini, the Italian coach, was second in the team after failing to keep up with expectations for the quarter-finals to be held in June next year.

Portugal pushed Portugal in for more than an hour in front of 73,000 spectators, but Italy could not find it, and there was a shadow of déjà vu with a stalemate showing the playoffs with Sweden last year. I was not able to advance to the Russian World Cup by breaking the deadlock.

The Portuguese national team defeated Italy 1-0 in Lisbon, Portugal in September, and Giorgio Chiellini coached Lorenzo Insigne and Ciro Immobile in the first half. .

But in the second half, Joe Nabi Mario's breakthrough with the opening goal, William Carvalho was defeated by Gianluigi Donnarumma, and the opportunity was constant.

Mancini was comforted by the signs of progress he saw because Azzurri had not made a record at AC Milan and Inter Milan's home stadium, but he was rumored that Italy could not miss the opportunity despite "domination".

"In May, former Manchester City president," We played well but did not succeed in scoring.

"Even if we were disappointed because we did not win, we have everything and will strike little by little."

Chiellini, who is scheduled to play a friendly against the United States in Belgium tomorrow, agrees with his manager, "We have a foundation.

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