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Orchard Road light-up: Are you Christmas or Disneyland ?, Lifestyle News and Featured Articles


When Julia D'Silva heard that Disney characters would decorate Christmas along Orchard Road this year, he was happy.

Seeing the light directly last week did not help much to change her mind. What does Mickey Mouse have to do with Christmas?

It may not be the question that arises among people under the age of 12 who are excited about getting close to the Disney family, but D & # 39; Shoppers such as Silva say this year's Christmas decor at the famous shopping belt is overly commercial, with some emphasis on Christmas.

Organized by the Orchard Road Business Association (Orba), this year's lights include more than 20 people, including Disney Princess Snow White, Cinderella, Character Story characters Woody and Rex Disney characters and Pixar characters glow from the trees on both sides of the road and Mickey Mouse icons.

The Disney theme is part of Walt Disney's three-year partnership to provide a unique experience with Disney brands and characters between Southeast Asia (Disney) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Disney pie too

I see Mickey Mouse everywhere – I do not know this is a Christmas decor. I thought I would celebrate Mickey Mouse anniversary.

MR Michael Lee (63, BUSKER)

It feels like Disneyland because it is full of characters like Little Mermaid or Mickey Mouse. These ornaments need to maintain a Yuletide feel with icons such as Santa Claus and reindeer for example.

MR TIMOTHY LIM, 69, Future

Take it for a new Christmas.

This year's decor combined Christmas and Disney ideas. Every Christmas tree and lighting is meaningless. We need a fresh concept.


Disney, especially the snowman character Olaf froze because it is cute and awkward. The decoration is very blue and the winter feeling makes you feel Christmas atmosphere.

RAYAN AZIMI, 10 years old, primary school companion

I do not think Disney is too much because the character's picture is small. I think Disney themes are good for kids. And the old mummy is okay.


Oba refused to comment, citing the confidentiality of the reporter's question as to whether Disney paid the money until his character appeared. Disney did not respond to media questions.

8 sets of pieces in various places can take pictures with famous characters.

This is Disney's largest Christmas street lamp in Southeast Asia. Two shopping malls, such as Orchard Central and Wheelock Place, are also decorated with Disney themed decorations.

D & # 39; Silva has nothing to do with Disney, adding, "I think there are other cases, such as Great Singapore sales with bigger commercial factors, when good brand sales are more appropriate."

She thinks it would be more appropriate to decorate the motifs associated with Yuletide cheering, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, red, green, gold, or a beautifully wrapped gift.

"Our Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, and Chinese decorations are often so beautiful." I hope we can create a Christmas decor that fits better with the Christmas season, love and donation spirit. "

Rodney Tan, 73, shares her opinion. "All I saw was a cartoon character and I could not see anything related to Christmas," said a Singaporean who works in the IT industry.

"Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ," he said. "I think this message should not disappear from the decoration.

Large brands expect mileage at sponsored events, but this can hit public expectations. For example, the large logo of the high fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent at Christmas lights in 1997 at Regent Street in London raised criticism of size and commerciality. A year later, when light was poured by the soft drink tango, they came to public disdain with the message Tis, the season to become the Tango.

Orba received positive feedback from people of all ages, especially families with young children, when they asked for a Christmas decorating this year.

Steven Goh, Managing Director, said, "Over the years, many people have enjoyed the bright lights and unique festivals like the Great Christmas Village and Christmas pop-up shops on Orchard Road, looking forward."

Interviewed experts are well aware of Orba's partnership with Disney and said they are very attractive to tourists visiting Singapore during the festive season.

Seshan Ramaswami, an associate professor of marketing education at Singapore Management University, warned that the obvious commercialization of Christmas has done some damage to its fundamental religious significance, and warned that "Christmas has also been a festival, shopping, and gift for many years and globally And the religious and sectarian border celebrations shown as a trip.

"In this context, it's better to enjoy lighting than to look at it rather than review it."

An Swee Hoon, an associate professor of marketing at the Singapore Business School in Singapore, said, "I do not think so. I think children can end up or see Disney stories. If you do not have the same concept and character, it is very difficult to position it as Disney.

Nonetheless, in the case of this year's decor, she points out that by relating Disney characters to Christmas icons, Disney can make its relationship with Christmas more stringent. For example, Rudolph and Redwood are carrying Christmas gifts such as Reindeer or Disney Princess Mickey Mouse.

"By incorporating icons, decorations can look more like co-operation than a form of Disney's self-promotion," she says.

Lynda Wee, an associate professor at Nanyang Business School, hopes the partnership will go a step further. "Because there is a parade at Disneyland, let the parade roll along the Orchard Road.

"Orchard Road is about shopping, dining and leisure, and is well suited to working with international, modern and global brands."

Of course, not every buyer is a critic.

"Disney was a big part of my childhood and I love it," said Angel Nazal Rodolfo, 20, a Filipino tourist, who went to Hong Kong Disneyland before, and it feels so.

"Most of the Mickey Mouse TV episodes feature Christmas themes such as family bonds and caring for other people, so Disney and Christmas are involved, and to me this year's decor is one of the following: Great."

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