Tuesday , November 30 2021

Nissan's Board loses Carlos Ghosn as chairman after his arrest


TOKYO – Nissan's board of directors stated unanimously to appoint Carlos Ghosn as his chairman on Thursday, three days after he was arrested on taxing of his revenue to respondent regulators over a period of several years .

The mood of the board was a grim official Mr. Ghosn, one of. a powerful leader of car wars and the man who naked Nissan nearly 20 years ago.

The board met four hours and gave a brief explanation that sought to telegraph stability even in # plot of # 39; the plot of leadership. It demands that they are connected to Renault, Nissan's largest shareholder, was a priority, and that it would have decided to reassure foreign advisers of corporation structure and their direct system system.

The board says it has been accepted to confirm "that the longing Alliance partnership with Renault remains and that the mission minimizes the potential impact and disruption on the cooperation of the day with alliance partners.

Greg Kelly, a former Nissan human resources manager and a member of the company, was also represented as a representative director, along with Mr. Ghosn.

In a separate statement Nissan said that the misconduct was detected by Mr. Ghosn, which includes reorganizing its compensation and the company's business for personal costs. It added that Mr Kelly "is determined by the mastermind of this case, along with Carlos Ghosn."

Mr. Ghosn was the architect of the alliance with Renault – Mitsubishi went on in 2016 – and he was accredited by the growth and expansion of what is actually the largest carmaker of # 39; the world. Renault, which has 43 percent of Nissan's shares, is the dominant partner in the three business organizations. This week there are signs of stins as the saying of the arrest of Mr. Ghosn played.

Nissan was quick – followed by Mitsubishi – to call for the support of Mr. Ghosn to the auto company this week known from his research on financial traffic. Mitsubishi board will come together on monday.

Renault, who has 47,000 people in France, has been more manageable than his allies.

The French carmaker said that Ghosn's president and headquarters remained, as the legal entities asked him in Tokyo's enforcement. The company called a leadership leadership to deal with the tasks as it investigates.

Bruno LeMaire, the French economic minister and his Japanese service, Hiroshige Seko, arrived Thursday in Paris and "changed sessions and shared information about the last situation," said the French Minister. They criticized the support of French and Japanese governments for the Renault Nissan alliance and said they wanted to keep it.

Nea Mr. Ghosn still Kelly is included with a crime. Japanese judiciary led Mr. Ghosn shortly after the Monday afternoon launched on Tokyo's Haneda airport. The evening, both Mr Ghosn and Mr Kelly, were proposals that were asked about Nissan's internal problem and whether they were compensated for compensation from Mr. Ghosn's & # 39; the Japanese authorities had hidden.

According to Tokyo's official contracts, Mr. Ghosn and Mr Kelly heard the compensation of Mr. Ghosn from 2011 to 2015 by more than 5 billion yen ($ 44.5 million) – earning his real earnings by half Investments with a Japanese Ministry of Finance Office.

On Wednesday, a court court in Tokyo confirms the request of historians to judge Mr. Ghosn in a detention center in eastern Tokyo for another 10 days. Under Japanese law may contain police officers for up to 22 days without payment, and can not settle without a lawyer.

Shy with reporters on Thursday, Shin Kukimoto, deputy chief battalion, said the guards against Mr. Ghosn, the 't Last year as Nissan's headquarters, and Mr Kelly, an American, was serious for the men and investors.

"Provides a safety report is a serious injury," said Mr. Kukimoto. "It is also important for governance governance and that is to pay attention to investments."

Mr. Kukimoto did not give further details of the investigation, which could be weeks for weeks, and could extend to other evidence of injustice, so the lawyer could keep the suspects even longer.

Parties are not permitted to have the lawyers present, while they have fractions by the police in Japan. In addition, broadsellers have broadly spread out to ask questions without them.

"To guard the crime of the suspect, you must keep a grueling interview to get the information needed to search for it," said Yasuyaki Takai, a former attorney and lawyer, who worked with Takafumi Horie, the Internet tycoon found guilty of being killed in a notorious issue in a ten year ago. "Japanese judiciary will not incur the complaint if the 100 percent is sure the suspect is guilty."

NHK, the public broadcaster, reports that João de Mendonca Lima Neto, the consul general of Japan for Japan, visited Ghosn in detention on Thursday. Mr. Ghosn, now a French citizen, was born in Brazil. Mr Lima told reporters that Mr Ghosn "sees a good health, and I feel he is treated equally."

The statement of directors indicated on Thursday that board members & # 39; an extensive report of 'internal investigation' have tried and even their own role in scandal. The explanation offers a kind of meaningful promise: They have unanimously chosen to study the creation of a special committee to provide advice to an independent third party regarding the administrative management system and better governance of direct compensation.

Three independent directors were called "on order".

Computers management administrative records found that Nissan's administration had only independent members. Nissan's seven board members like Mr. Ghosn and Mr. Kelly, three have worked at Nissan at least four decades and two long time veterans of Renault.

The remaining board members are a racecar sender and a quiet economic and trade office bureaucrats.

"I have always been so curious that Nissan's board has always been stacked with insiders," said Christina Ahmadjian, professor of business at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

"The auto companies in general are worse in government management," she said. "Nissan was a company that went through a non-Japanese roundabout, so I was always wounded for why her administration was no longer independent."

Analysts say that the corporation of Japan is still hierarchical and that klubby often have difficulty fraud leaders, especially as carismatic and powerful as Mr. Ghosn.

"A powerful government should want people to do it," said Jun Okamura, the successor of the Musashino University Institute of Global Affairs. "The board should not be afraid of these misunderstandings."

Mr. Ghosn will not disappear from Nissan. Although he is no longer chairperson, is the Japanese judiciary, a majority shareholder must vote to eliminate him from the government.

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