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MotoGP: Zarco is slowly slow, but so constant & # 39; | News


The magazines did not matter, but Johann Zarco insisted that he had been advancing with '39 's KTM's and the easier with the front-end machine after the first day of & # 39; e MotoGP test with the 19thth fastest time.

The double Moto2 world champion pleaded that he was "still slow" on his third day of testing with the Austrian factory, the end of # 39; The afternoon of 2.2 from Danilo Petrucci, and the back of team-pas Pol Espargaro.

But the absence of feeling when the last weeks in Valencia were in complaints was not tested here. Zarco feels that he's poorest "constant" and now "more confident with the front".

"Another day at KTM and I'm glad I made a step that I wanted and with the positive parts of the bike," he said. "It made me happy and gave me more confirmation of the techniques for what direction we should go.

"We have tried many things and caught a new feel with my journey, it was hard to do more to go, because when we moved big things to cycling, it made more time. It goes well and improves the feeling.

"The lap time is gradual, but they are so constant and that is a positive thing because we move the package better and when we know it will be under second, it will be for each round .

"We still try to find our base. We have Pol's base and he can speed up with it and we have it one way to make sure we do not go [too far off] in one direction. We improve. It takes time, but we get the package better.

"When I feel better with the benefit I can play more on the bike for [corner] entrance and hoaxiness. "

Following the demands of a manufacturer, the Frenchman said, "We still have so many things to try and understand and compare with a satellite team that is the biggest difference. I know what I've been in the last years and made it easy to handle things.

"Here you have much more information and more guys behind the skin to check all, but also the rider should" lift "and check for feelings and emotions to understand and say good information.

Three days in life as KTM's skater, top satire rider was asked about the changes that he had to meet in the & # 39; in the coming months to create his own style. "I can not say what perspective the bike changed and the driver changed," came the answer.

"But in comparison with Valencia when I was here two crashes, I was under control and I think I would give better information for the team, I could also follow a few guys and this gave me better information.

"I also have my own style of styling and I can say that it works well. We have to think that when Lorenzo got on a Ducati, he took a long time to adapt, but we saw him and it was when he was Yamaha, there was no big difference.

"It works to get the bike to feel the driver is the most important key.I keep myself in mind to adjust to me and have a great variety of skills on the bike have, but we just have to exist and we know that if the team can follow, then it will pay back. "

There were also other positive, too. Zarco has indicated how the engine of RC16 is the current strong point of & # 39; The bike is, with performance on a corner kick, especially fun.

"The engine, this engine gives you a good feel to get out of the corner.If you miss, the bike will go and this is one of our strong points, and if we go faster even better use. "

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