Thursday , April 22 2021

Man Utd dies money for impressions at United for Unicef ​​event – here are five things we've known

Manchester United stars came on Tuesday afternoon at nine for the annual United States event.

This year is the 20th anniversary of its unification, making it the longest running partnership of its kind in a global organization of children and a professional football association.

Paul Pogba, Alexis Sanchez and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer were all on the run as black bands and painful suits were highest.

The temporary United boss himself took the time to see how much he returned to Old Trafford after his appointment in the last month.

Here are five things we've seen from a group shot from a United States.

Manchester United Central Station was postponed to nine

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January revives window

1. Paul Pogba does what he wants

We see that everyone was the same way to the same men, there was a jacket code for the night.

But Pogba does not pay any money. He is setting a trend in one way.

2. The name 's Mata, Juan Mata

Now everybody is clever in this image, there is no denial.

But is it just us or does Mata like James Bond see this cut? Very pure yes.

3. Eric Bailly with the unique touch

He didn't go all over the Paul Pogba & # 39; but he also did not follow the people!

Instead, Bailly got his view with a bright rose.

4. Don't think we haven't seen Marcos Rojo

Slender shoes, narrow shoes, fancy shoes … hang up.

Yes, Rojo had to go there with the coaches. There is always one!

5. Other Herrera with the position of night

Of course Herrera was not in this position all night.

But he found himself in the least possible moment before the snap was received that he had, well, weak impatience.

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