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I was exploring the nose of a human and convinced that the actual business of VR was not a game.



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  • Thursday, a virtual reality company, HTC VIVE, announced a new headset called Vive Focus for businesses.
  • VR was formerly used primarily for gaming, but is growing rapidly for businesses.
  • It can be used for business collaboration, education, and training, such as medical education for sleep apnea, car repair and prototyping for car designers, and remote meetings in 3D virtual space.

I found myself in the hospital room when I was wearing a bulky white headset and adjusting it to fit my head. One doctor was leaning against a sleeping patient with an air pump device in his nose and the other was preparing a tool. I felt like I was in an episode of "Gray's Anatomy".

Suddenly a head of a floating robot appears to learn how to identify and treat sleep apnea. It led me towards the patient's nose and I jumped in his nose hole before I knew it!


This was SimforHealth's simulation. SimforHealth is a French company that creates virtual reality simulations for medical students and pharmaceutical companies. This simulation teaches students to sleep apnea and guides students inside the virtual nose to show what happens when the patient is asleep. In this simulation, the inside of the nose looked like a pulsating cave and a long, thin spike came out of the wall.

While virtual reality is typically associated with consumers, such as video games, this technology is increasingly being adopted for use in professional environments. VR and Augmented Reality Expected growth It will increase to $ 162 billion by 2020, with more products aimed at businesses.

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On Thursday, the VR company HTC VIVE announced Vive Focus, an all-in-one headset that includes storage, built-in speakers and more. Can be used to simulate training and training, including NASA and hospitals targeted at companies.

The reason why this hardware is important is that Dan O 'Brien, the Americ of General Manager of HTC VIVE, is much simpler and more portable for customers to use. Other VR headsets available only to developers require expensive hardware and can require users to stay in one place.

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O & # 39; Brien says the possibilities for this are endless. This can be used for surgical and medical education as medical students work together to perform virtual surgery. This can be used in car designs where employees can prototype and design cars with VR, or even learn how to modify cars. Innoactive, a German VR enterprise software company, has partnered with Volkswagen to create training scenarios for workers to learn how to assemble their cars at the factory.

"Brien knows that management can save time and money." Designers do not all have to fly to Germany to meet in one place and talk about design. They can go to the VR design room and talk together. "

VR can also be used for code collaboration. Primitive, which generates a software development visualization, created an app for code review. When I attempted this simulation, I moved to a dark space with a line of code connected to the laser web, a scene almost straight from the "Matrix".

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It showed how other files in the code were linked, and I was able to drag the entire code page in front of me using the laser pointer. Using this application, developers can collaboratively review code, circle the highlighting, and explore open source projects.

"I was very attractive because I was not a software coder," said O'Brien. "Five developers were sitting together and talking intensely about the code."

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In addition, VIVE has released its own collaborative work tool specifically designed for enterprise Vive Sync. This feature allows employees to collaborate with one another in virtual space, especially when working remotely. Each employee's avatar can share ideas, show presentations, import images, show videos, etc., in 3D virtual space.

Over the next few months, Vive will release a developer kit and plan to add it to the headset so developers can create applications for their VR. Although the turmoil around VR has disappeared, O'Brien believes there will be tremendous growth in VR in corporate space.

"We are growing at a very fast pace," O'Brien said. "Consumer VR has grown at a robust pace. Now businesses are growing faster than consumers."

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