Wednesday , October 20 2021

Hulk Hogan will never be back!


WWE-neck of family Hulk Hogan's son Nick has appointed his famous father will never return from his return to his return Crown Jewel earlier this month.

The WWE Hall of Famer made his way back Crown Jewel Earlier this month in Saudi Arabia – three years after he was seized from the company and left for a racism scandal – and his son Nick has indicated that his famous father has no plans to "keep" the company.

Speak to TMZ Sports, he said, "Well, most of all, all think it's a joke, but he's still like 6" and more than 300 pounds. He's just a monster. And he is strong.

"It's just wise, I do not know, he always says he likes, he loves training, he loves the wrestling company, I do not think he'll always stop."

Nick – who has appeared with his family on reality Hogan knows best en Brooke Knows Best Between 2005 and 2009 – declared that he knew the comeback for the event and described it as a "home flourish".

He said, "How cool it is, that's great, I know little about, to say, of course, I can not say anything.

"It was just as comfortable, as he was really really in the Middle East, that was his first time to the Middle East.

"So it was really interesting for him to see the reaction to Hulkamania in the Middle Ages, it was just a home everywhere."

Hulk – his real name Terry Bollea – was happy that he had returned to his CEO for WWE after his contract with WWE. – BANG!

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