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How to get Elton John tickets because the stars have added new UK dates to his new tour


It's time to officially announce Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, because Elton John is currently touring around the world. The tour, called the Farewell Yellow Brick Road, had a huge red card going through five continents, three years, 300 shows and TBH, and was finally ready to retire. If you are Elton Stan or want to see legends at work, he is famous for his amazing live performances and is worth seeing him. I do not think the trip will be any of the extra. I hope you do not mind. I would like you to write down the words to get Elton John tickets. Because they will be going pretty fast and it's best to prepare.

If you want to set an alarm on November 16 at 10:00 AM, you can release your ticket. It is available through Ticketmaster and Gigantic, but only Ticketmaster appears to offer pre-sale tickets. If you are a hardworking Elton John enthusiast and have joined the Rocket Club fan club before November 8th, you can enter the dormitory with a ticket sold at 10am on November 12th.

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Customers with American Express cards will have pre-sales tickets available from 10am on November 13th and customers registered for Ticketmaster's Verified Fan pre-sale will be available at 10am on November 15th. (Quick Tip: You can register for a pre-sold fan that has not been proven yet.)

John will strike 14 UK cities from 2019 to 2020, starting at Hove on June 9, 2019 and packing at Leeds's First Direct Arena on December 7, 2020. Even if you miss your ticket, it may sound good to see what is happening near the city. In 2019, he will visit Hove (June 9) and Cardiff (June 15) – but that date has already been sold and sold out completely.

The date of 2020 is announced and begins on November 6-7 in London's O2. From there, John will move to Birmingham on November 9 and 11 and will play in Liverpool on 13 November and Manchester on 13 November and Manchester on November 28 again on November 17.

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After that, he leaves England and spends 24-25 days in Glasgow via Aberdeen from 20th to 21st November. The Irish fans will be able to see him on November 30th in Belfast, and John will then say goodbye to the UK officially through his last performance on December 7, 2020.

It has recently appeared on his website that the star seems to be walking around a pretty intense UK road and the British show is "incredibly special". "Britain is at home and my heart will always be there, and it's great to celebrate the amazing moments that we have shared with our fans over the years, and this reunion will be very emotional and a lot of fun."

According to Sky News, 500,000 people this weekend have already seen Elton John say goodbye throughout the United States. It sounds like Elton John is ready to cut off his colorful and glittering towels, and he must keep his remarkable reputation.

"After the tour, I'm looking forward to closing my life by saying goodbye to life on the road. I have to spend more time raising children," he said.

It is a good reason to get rid of piano music. Fingers crossed, but sometimes you can see your head popping out on a TV show or a memorial concert. I hope to be able to repeat my role next time. Kings Man film. Eventually, Taron Egerton was out of the lead role. What I want is TBH is a British super spy who plays sequined outfits and his theme song is gay. Who is better than Elton John?

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