Saturday , May 28 2022

Asri encourages Muslims to "survive rally"


PETALING JAYA: After open-air call a misuse of illegal places of worship in & nbsp; The protests of many protests on the relocation plans of a Hindu temple in Selangor, Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin was added to mosques today.

The preacher of # temple protests in & # 39; The last two days was evidence that "good gestures are not always appreciated," Asri called Malaysian groups to hold a coming month in order to serve Malaysia in # the meeting of a global anti-discrimination treaty, to maintain a role for "Muslim victory".

"In the current climate, the ummah (Muslim community) has a meeting and a point to discuss the appropriate future steps.

"Let's unite for the future of society," he wrote on Facebook.

The role called Asri is called by Umno, PAS and several Malaysian groups who have sought the government's government to ratify the international convention on the promotion of all forms of racial discrimination, or ICERD. Organizers have said that the rally would take place on December 8, with a view to refusing to ratify the government to not ratify ICERD.

The comments of Asri are nowadays as governments and opposition leaders for rest after successful protests about a disrupted move from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

The temple was closed to resume on November 22 or part of an agreement with one city, the Selangor State Police and two appeals to the temporary board, K Chellapa and M Nagaraju.

A chain of ships led by Nagaraju existed however, that the temple on its present location would remain in place of moving some 3km away.

Interlude called on the authorities to hard on illegal places of worship too hard, saying they were a nuisance for the public.

He said that the previous government had illegal religious structures had a fear of losing votes in the election.

"This protection was the previous government of its stack that would allow too many places to fly from raids and illegally donate," said Asri, in the past in ' A family of Hindu groups hangs over problems of religious law.

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