Saturday , June 3 2023

A 5 – year – old British boy with cancer said he was sorry until he died of cancer.


A young boy in Britain died of rare cancer last Friday (November 9).

Charlie Proctor, on his Facebook posting before his mother, Amber Schofield, died, "Mom, I'm so sorry.

She wrote that she spoke in "the most quiet and baggy voice." According to Scofield, he was very anxious and changed his position.

"I felt I had to apologize because I wanted to move again," Schofield said, "so I know he feels a little" like now. " "My heart is torn! No one should feel the emotions that Charlie feels, no children! Parents must know that the child should go slowly."

After his death, Scofield said in another post: "While he was asleep, his arms wrapped around us and hugged peacefully.

"Charlie, you gave us a chance to be a mother.You were not only our greatest inspiration, but inspired thousands of people all over the world … now is the time to fly.I'm so proud of you. My baby, I am a sweet dream. "

Five – year – old Charlie has reported British media reports such as the Daily Mail in a fight against hepatoblastoma, a rare liver cancer, since 2016.

Scofield and her husband, Ben Proctor, tried to collect 855,580 pounds (S $ 1.55 million) to get organ transplants in the US and nearly half of the target. According to British reporter The Sun, donors of the US pop star Pink (Pink) donated 10,000 pounds. – Strait Times / Asian News Network

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