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Mohd Ali Baharom, a well-known military veteran, known as Ali Tinju, is known to wish to enter the batatu.

Ali is well known for leading protests against election reform groups Bersih and TangkapMO1 anti-corruption protests, including the 2012 "hip protest" outside the home of Ambassador Sreenevasan, co-chair of Bersih.

according to the report Free Malaysia Today Ali said he has now lost faith in Umno's leadership following the corruption scandal of former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is now a supporter of Bersatu Chairman Mahathir Mohamad.

"I joined Bersatu with my own consent, but I was not in leadership position at Uno, so we were being ordered by our leaders," he said.

FMT in a separate report Bersatu sources denied that Ali was a member because Ali had not yet approved the membership.

"He sent out a membership form, but his membership has not yet been approved," the source said.

Meanwhile, when asked about his role in protest outside Ambiga's house, he reportedly said: "Yes, I am involved in such provocations, but never never cheated or took the money of people.

"I joined Bersatu as a follower and I did not have any mail or financial interest.

"I know Dr Mahathir needs to change if I want to join him."

This protest, which took place on May 15, 2012,exercises"Abiga was bent outside Ambiga's house and shook the back door toward her door.

The protest was made in response to a Bersih 3.0 rally held a month ago.

He also Threatened When you do the same thing Malaysia KinneyAccording to a news portal report on Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor, the threat was not realized.

Ali was charged with making critical statements about rioting in the outskirts of Rojat Plaza early in 2015, but Mohamed Apandi Ali, then Attorney General, Lack of proof.

In 2016 he protest For the police TangkapMO1 RallyThe case was a demonstration to the authorities calling for the arrest of Najib against the 1DB scandal.

That year, he Threat of death Bersih Chairman Maria Chin Abdullah.

He himself Misquoted According to the report record Express the report on the surface.

According to Interior Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the case was classified as NFA (no further action).

In an immediate reaction today, Petaling Jaya MP Maria said she would be disappointed if Ali was accepted as a Bersatu member.

"He showed a narrow view of the differences of opinion and threatened the lives of those he disagreed with. In the new Malaysia, not only corrupt leaders but also those who stimulate violence are unacceptable.

"What if we do not have to draw a line to stop accepting Jamal Yunos?" She said. Malaysia Kinney.

Jamal is currently the head of Sungai Besar Umno, and name It is considered provocative and unacceptable.

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