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You are downloading a new gadget: make sure you do not endanger yourself?

The number of harmful gadgets grew during the pandemic: Google removed nearly a million from its gadget store last year – only 962,000. the product. That’s about 20 percent. more than last year, according to data from Google. Malicious apps can slow down your phone, quickly drain your battery, or even completely damage your smart device. Bitė Profai advises the media on how to protect themselves.

Malicious apps can also pose a threat to the security of your data: leaking bank cards and personal data, sending photos and secret text messages to premium rate numbers. “To prevent such accidents, it is necessary to do homework before sending the app,” says Martynas Vrubliauskas of Bitė Profas.

1. Check the gadget address

The first warning that an app may not be trusted is a foreign download address.

“The most direct way to malware is through links to suspicious websites, emails from unknown senders or text messages. If you find a gadget that you like at first sight, but it is not in official stores – Google Play or the App Store – do not download it, “advises Bitė’s expert on smart devices.

2. Read the reviews

The second step in downloading a new gadget is reviewing user comments.

“Feedback from users is one of the most important indicators that a gadget can be harmful. “There are a few comments about the gadget if they are irregular and uninformative, then search for information on Google. You should definitely find the answer there, if you have encountered a deceptive app,” assures M. Vrubliauskas.

3. Evaluate the credibility of developers

The expert says that the reliability of gadget developers can assess the phones themselves. The Google Play Protect tool on Android phones scans apps as soon as you install them. If it finds threats, it sends a message to uninstall the app or even automatically. In this case, you will get a message that the program has been removed.

On Samsung phones, this task can also be performed by the factory-installed protection, which you can activate by opening the settings and clicking on “Accumulator. And Device Maintenance” and “Device Security.” And on Xiaomi devices, apps automatically check after each new installation, thus protecting your device from threats.

4. Do not give unbalanced permits

A critical assessment of whether the access rights required by the installed application are necessary for the smooth operation will also help to prevent accidents.

“When you open a new app, you will be asked for permission to use the information on your phone. This step is necessary to be able to perform its immediate functions. I always advise to critically evaluate whether a gadget is currently requesting requires permission and only once.Now, unless you fully trust the app, for example the app of the Internet bank “Swedbank”, “assures Bitė Profas.

The expert adds that you will never recognize a sudden pop-up permission message on the phone screen when the app is not running. This is a signal that you have encountered applications that could corrupt or destroy the data on your phone – Trojan horses.

5. Alarm – limited features

According to Vrubliauskas, it is possible that you will still download the malware yourself if you follow all these tips. You will understand this from a faulty phone.

“Once the malware is installed, your phone should start up much slower than normal. Also performing Trojan horse tasks can drain the battery energy quickly and disrupt the manufacturer’s gadgets. So, if you notice these or any other sudden changes , then remove the suspicious apps, “warns Bitė Profas.

Vrubliauskas points out that tool, Fast Magic SMS, Free CamScanner, Travel Wallpapers can be found today in the list of infected apps and advises it not to download them.

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