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"Vilnius Mama Jazz" brings a trump card.


The international jazz festival "Vilnius Mama Jazz 2018" will start on Thursday, November 16. The trump cards of this year's festival program are Grammy Award winners, electronic music masters, and contemporary jazz stars.

First, a geographical indication. Due to the reconstruction of the National Theater Theater (NDT), which has been felt in the Grand Hall and the lobby for many years as "Vilnius Mama Jazz", this year's festival will return to Lithuania's Russian theater. Jazz music industry and publishing, showcase stage "musical showcase" and parade debate on nightly performances. It is a parade debate about jazz music industry and publishing. He is in the theater lobby. However, this festival will pay homage to the education on November 17th this year. Rudninkai Bookstore.

In a cat bag

Undoubtedly, the main part of the festival is the main program. It was started by Andy Sheppard, a saxophonist who is one of the rare English speakers, and has a great influence on the international jazz scene. The genre scholar knows him. For lovers, it can be a cake like a bag in 2016. French pianist and composer Christophe Chassol presents live music on stage with recorded sounds and voices, nature and streets, markets, African musicians and singers, and sometimes live and live on stage with impressive images and sounds .

In 1957, Wilshire County (born A. Sheppard) was inspired by John Coltrane's record and played in a local club three weeks later (!) Wearing a saxophone at the age of 19. According to the website of ECM Records, a world-renowned jazz publisher, he has participated in a variety of art performances in Paris for nine years, seven times a week, then returned to the UK in the mid-1980s and began his solo career.

EMC released its first album, Movements in Color, in 2009, and has since become a regular publisher.

In the "Vilnius Mama Jazz" scene, A. Sheppard will play with a Norwegian trio of pianist Espen Eriksen. In addition to the group leader, Percussion plays Andreas Bye (Lars Tormod Jenset) president. Sheppard joined the band in Norway and Korea for the first time in 2016, and this time she recorded and released the album "Perfectly Unhappy". His motive is likely to be heard in Vilnius.

The band's 17th largest professional jazz music band "Lithuanian JJazz Ensemble" in 2017 was founded in 2017 by a trombone player, composer and talented arranger Jevervas Jasinskis, who invited Vytautas Pupšytė this year.

Continuation of Lithuania: Lithuania has more festivals of stars, stars, and hope. One of them, pianist Domas Žeromskas, said the organizer of the "Mamajazz" Judita Bartoševičienė festival: "I would like to show Domas Žeromskas, who are worried about the current 1/5 rejection and disappointment, that the 18-year-old pianist He attended a creative workshop in Boston this summer when young jazz audiences saw American jazz celebrity drummer Terri Lyne Carrington and saxophonist Rick DiMuzio, so Dom got a bachelor's degree from Berkeley College of Music. "

Norway is a force.

Lithuanian jazz festivals often visit musicians in Norway. And it means money to support dissemination, not words, because of impressive professionalism (let's recall electronic music to saxophonist Jan Garbarek or Royksopp) and a policy to promote her culture abroad. In this year's Vilnius Mama Jazz scene we will hear E. Eriksen's trio and trumpet Mathias Eick. He is also a composer, trumpeter and producer, Nils Petter Molvær. The festival organizer is named "the most famous and most famous guest of the festival in Norway" and the Norwegians are one of the most famous musicians in their country.

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Davido Bowie's thrill

Chick Corea, a legendary jazz pianist who said "Jason Lindner is a music business," talks about the other guests of the program, while keyboard list J. Linder is a member of the Now Vs Now American Troupe in Vilnius and David Bowie There is a "near" fact that records Donner McCaslin's saxophone group with Lindner's latest 25th studio album "Blackstar". (Incidentally, the album appeared in January 2016 just before Bowie's death).

According to the maker of "Vilnius Mama Jazz", almost all keyboard instruments that sounded in the album were recorded by J. Lindner. 9 electronic instruments and piano songs. In this work he won the Grammy Award and an impressive line in his autobiography.

J. Lindner's magazine "Downbeat" repeatedly selected the most popular stars in the keyboard and big band categories, and four years ago, the American Jazz Journalists Association named him the top performer of electronic instruments.

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