Tuesday , November 30 2021

The President of CSKA draws a demolition of Shar – even millions of Russians do not help


In 2004, the CSC club had to pull Sharun Jasikeviči, but did not lose anything.

It seems that by the president of the unexpected conversation the president of # 39; And CSKA Andrei Vatutin still sighed.

He shared with Gabriel Miknevičiūtė, a cup of the portal "krepsinis.net", the # 39 president of the Moscow Club said he had visited this week in the Russian capital CSKA and Zalgiris actress.

"If we talk about the players, I do not regret to disagree, it's an option if we come to Jasikevičius here, but we did not even come up with a good discussion of the money, The circumstances were that it prevented it.

He was just not interested in him, he played well in Tel Aviv's Maccabi, had a valid contract, and so our wishes are far from reality. Although it would be great for him to play, but did not come, "said A.Vatutina to the portal at krepsinis.net.

The man replied that the former president of CSKA Aleksandr Gomelsky said he wanted Sharov in his team and he even told the sum he wanted to win.

But Shar was not just about money. Lithuania in his biographical book "Winnings is not enough" is also the use of CSKA.

"I got the best offer of life in life," Shar said in this story, thinking that the CSKA offered him 3 million dollars. euro salary.

The Lithuanian advantage has decided to remain in the Maccabi club and won the Euroleague with this Jewish team.

Jonas Kazlauskas and Andrius Vatutinas (photo by SCANPIX)

Jonas Kazlauskas and Andrius Vatutinas (photo by SCANPIX)

Hoewol Š. Jasicevicius's CSKA T-shirt did not push behind the glory of this club in the name of such Lithuanian basketball stars as Jonas Kazlauskas, Darius Lavrinovičius or Ramunas Šiškauskas.

"With both Lavrinovičs we have a good relationship, we have a connection with Shishkuuka, often to come in Moscow, and Johannes is a person I'm very thankful for, he's a great coach and honor, "said A. Vatutin," portal "krepsinis.net" about the Lithuanians.

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