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The long-awaited addition to "Morning": What does M. Popovich's good friend give to the capital?


Dainius Adomaitis said on Tuesday morning that "Rytoj" scouts had set foot in the gloomy market at Vilnius Airport. The expert said that there is little clarity about the search yet, but related events were related to the knowledge of new employees so that they could reach Lithuania sooner than the capital club that returned from Spain.

The fact that we need to buy is the 32-year-old Luca Rokas Stipčevičius, based on the image of "Ryto" in recent weeks.

The main attacker, Chris Kramer, does not want to run because he falls for the third time this season and does not make an equal shift in Vilnius. Due to a long time trauma, Margiris Normantas, Aistis Pilauskas had a beautiful episode in Malaga but he did not grow up to a high level of wrestling, and Mindaugas Girdžiūnas and D.J. Seeley's crew is hard at attack.

A lack of creativity finally resulted in an opium "morning" scar and a man came down from Bilnius to hide the darkness, according to the club leader and D. Adomaitis.

What kind of athlete got "morning" after such a long search?

"We need well – organized outsiders to hit the streets," Adomaitis said Tuesday.

Essentially this is a brief description of the 186 cm speaker. R. Stipčevičius is a developing player who likes to attack a player looking for a team member first, not himself.

The Croatian team spent six years in the Italian club during their career, most of whom are generally personally strong and full of athletes. Because of his tendency to take care of teammates and general accomplishments in this country, he said he is the favorite club of the community club.

This skilled defender is a good Meki to attack even after dribbling. For example, over the past two years, Sasan's Dinamo team has tripled by as much as 40.7%. purpose.

A strong home town called basketball player is good at quick attack. R. Stipčevičius is not an individualist or a player who can beat the team on his own, but his hands do not cry at critical moments.

R. Stipčevičius in the defense is clearly judged. On the other hand, the defensive midfielder is very active, and the pressure from Croatia's 1 square centimeter has become a defender card.

For example, the Croatian contributed greatly to the fact that Italy's Amadeo Della Valle and the World Cup championship match will remain without a single point for 22 minutes.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the competitors in question attack R. Stipčevičius, which is not physically strong. "Morning" of this season is a serious problem in defending the rival "2 vs 2", and I doubt whether the arrival will help to cram this wound.

The new Mercury player defended the color of the local Dynamo for three years in Sardinia. Prior to that, he played in Bursa Tofaş, Virtus of Rome, Varese and Pezar clubs. The record of R. Stipčevičius was recorded in Milan and was summoned in 2012 at the AX Armani Exchange.

Stipčevičius is also often invited to the Croatian team. He played in the 2010 World Championships, and in the national team he participated in the European Championships in 2011 and 2015 and the 2016 Olympics.

In fact, R. Stipčevičius did not play a more important role. Croatia's colleagues say does not compete with players like Zoran Planiničius, Rokas Leni Ukičius, Mark Popovich, Dontaye Draperis or Oliver Lafayette.

R. Stipčevičius is considered one of the hardest players in his homeland. The athlete has no problems with drinking and does not visit nightclubs often.

His colleagues in Croatia also respond well to the personal characteristics of R. Stipčevičius. The defender is a family man and a player, and he is looking at a very professional career.

R. Stipčevičius often delivers a successful episode that is emotional, so devoted fans are committed to devotion. For example, Sassari fans predicted that R. Stipcevičius immediately started learning Italian in the first year of the team.

By the way, the player is a good friend of former Zalgiris Mark Popovich. In the summer, two friends attended the Russian World Cup and watched the historic movement of Croatia.

"It is unclear how Pop will make such a friend's decision now," he said. Croatian journalist Igor Churkovich laughed about Stipchevic's move to "East".

After R. Stipčevičius left Italy in the spring, he was arrogant with patience. According to information from, in the summer, the attacking conductor received a call from the Turkish and French clubs, but decided to make better choices without haste.

This is when you realize that this option is a "winter" for a new wind. Only time will bring a blast of Croatian Airlines.

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