Thursday , January 20 2022

The ECB is determined to complete the acquisition program in the coming months


The European Central Bank (ECB) remains convinced that the latest economic trends in the euro area in 2018 can offer the completion of the offer. December

This is what Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, said in a speech to the Economic Committee of # 39; the European Commission on Monday.

"(ECB – WA) The Governing Council has furthermore determined that the acquisition of active subscribers will end in 2018 based on incoming data that will support the medium-sized inflation. Draghi

The ECB will utilize a total of $ 2.6 trillions through the client's range of programs to raise the economy of the euro, increase market expenditures and limit morals. Eur.

But the continuous uncertainty, according to the President of the ECB, requires monetary policy for calibration, patience, wisdom and persistence.

"Sensual stimulus for monetary policy is still needed to stimulate further pricing in the internal market," said Mr. Draghi

The participants of stores have great or fractional businesses by correcting and signing in & # 39; the economy of the economy is wounded, the ECB will not make plans for repossession and interest.

The President of the ECB recognized on Monday that the latest data of & nbsp; the economy of the Euro zone was less than expected. Within the fourth quarter, the euro area BNP grew in 0.2% to 0.4% in the first and second quarter. The loss of economic growth, according to the ECB, reflects a weaker growth in international trade and some specific factors in specific countries.

"The gradual slalom is usually normal than the economic development is running, and growth is getting closer to the longest possible opportunities." After the future, the slalom will be increased in employment, such as employment is becoming more restrictive, "said Mr. Draghi

The EC forecasts this year 2% of GDP growth, the following year – 1.8%, in 2020. – 1.7%.

In the euro, in October, the money was inflated at 2.2%, from 2.1% in September.

The market is expected to be the first time in the second half of # 39; the next year increase interest.

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