Sunday , March 26 2023

The CEC will allocate grants to the parties, and the Social Democrats are still left alone.


The LSDP is at risk of being perceived as a violation of the law on political funding for 22.48%. The limit of allowable election campaigns is exceeded.

In the case of the other party, the grant is usually distributed according to the results of the three elections, and most of the opposition parties are the Land Union – Lithuania Christian Democratic Party – about 664,000. Euro

The Green Union with the dominant peasants of Lithuania will receive about 549,000. The opposition free movement is about 395,000 people. Euro subsidies.

The Labor Party has calculated about 232,000. "Order and Justice" is € 223,000. Polish elections in Lithuania – 181 thousand euros for the Christian family alliance. Euro subsidies.

Politicians isolated from the Social Democrats after the Sejm election were established by the dominant majority Social Democratic Labor Party.

Led by the governing authorities, Seima adopted an amendment that would provide grants to the new political parties in the case of Seamas faction, but Dahlia Grivas Kaite vetoed.

The governors will vote on the results of the vote of the governor of Shymkent, and the governors refused to veto. According to the proposed formula, there are more than 200,000 social workers. EUR grant.

Under current law, government grants are awarded to parties who receive at least 3%. In recent elections, I vote for Seymour, City Council, and European Parliament. Money is distributed in proportion to the number of votes cast.

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