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The CEC survey found that LSDP manipulation through elections during Seimas was revealed.


On Tuesday, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced a study on suspicion of violating the Seymath election funding procedure by the LSDP. The committee plans to adopt this decision after a week of November 13th.

Until then, other Parties are willing to distribute CEC this Thursday, but the issue of allocating new state subsidies to Social Democrats will not be resolved.

According to the CEC, in the Seimas elections, the LSDP issued much more political ads than those mentioned in the report. The total cost is shown as 906,000. 362 euros, and the Social Democratic Party declared 790 thousand euros. Euro

The party is accused of 22.48%. It exceeds the allowance for election campaign and does not declare 15.41%. The limit of political election spending.

Sigismund Gedvilla / 15 min photo / SDP

Sigismund Gedvilla / 15 min photo / SDP


In February, the CEC received an anonymous report in the 2016 parliamentary elections, in which LSDP deliberately and systematically violated laws on financial and control of political campaigns.

Political and Political Campaigns According to Lina Petronienė, Director of Financial Controls, the anonymous information and documents indicate that candidates and members did not specify any costs associated with the campaign before the campaign. In addition, depending on the extent to which the Social Democratic Party does not exceed its spending limits, some of the election costs are paid by some of the electoral candidates in a single Member State

I can not say that the party worked with us.

"The investigation was really complicated and lots of data were analyzed (…) Although not all the information was clearly provided, a lot of information was needed on the bank account statement. No, "Petronienė said.

CEC employees have identified various legal violations. Prior to the start of a political campaign, the LSDP was funded and the candidate did not pay political advertising costs for the candidate or other candidate, and the virtual contract was concluded for consultation and paid for other services as part of the actual costs paid. It's an election fee, but it's not from a political campaign.

Did you focus on public relations?

The author of the complaint claimed that the party had allocated 36.3 thousand. Three Social Democrats pay for public services to party Piar and do not use them on their behalf.

12.1 million were transferred to Seimas to Iryna Šiaulienė, a member of the LSDP. Seimas members Algimantas Salamakinas (13.31 thousand), Algirdas Butkevičius (10.89 thousand). Euro

They immediately paid the same amount to Piar to provide consulting and training services for public relations.

According to the CEC, according to this document, A. Salamakin has communicated with the public for 100 hours.

Imantas gelusnas / 15 minutes Picture / Alimantas Salamakinas

Imantas gelusnas / 15 minutes Picture / Alimantas Salamakinas

Politicians working at the Seventh Congressional Election Commission decided to learn how to do it because they wanted to focus more on direct dialogue with voters during the election.

The consultation took place from August 22, 2016 to September 27, 2016.

"Training and counseling began one month and one month before the election, and ended two days before the election and ended without a day, 37 days a day. On average, the candidate had to study 2 hours and 40 minutes a day." – L L. Petronienė noted that the Seimas meeting was held during this period.

A..Butkevičius received 10,89,000 from the party. Moved to Piar for EUR 82 hours. Education and counseling services.

The CEC expert who conducted the survey found that this was about 60%. His political election spending.

"Education and consulting agreements with three candidates, such as Algirdas Butkevičius, Irena Šiaulienė and Algimantas Salamakinas, could have been fictitious using UAB Piar, which is a political campaign with the fact that all candidates are actually experienced politicians A lot of spending was spent on training and counseling, and I spent a lot of time after the political campaign ended, "the CEC deputy head said.

Luko April / Picture 15 min / Algirdas Butkevičius

Luko April / Picture 15 min / Algirdas Butkevičius

She pointed out that Fire received a very similar amount to the news portal from the aforementioned SokDo. And 15 minutes.. In the first case – a young social democratic PR, a second – political party advertisement.

I paid for the party advertisement.

The CEC draft decision proposes to accept political ads for four LSDP branch candidates and one local media candidate who are paid several times for personnel.

Some candidates paid money to political candidates from other political parties or political parties.

For example, Social Democratic Party Gediminas Kirkilas has paid more than 10,000 people. In September and October 2016 the euro for the Social Democratic political advertisement in the daily newspaper "Lietuvos žinios" of Auksė Kontrimienė – 14,000. Euro for news portal advertising delfi.ltAlgirdas Sysas – over 18,000. Radio stations such as "Rain" and "M-1"

Ruko April / 15 minutes Photo / Alguridishisasu

Ruko April / 15 minutes Photo / Alguridishisasu

"The decision to send the money to the candidate, to pay the money from the account, and to renegotiate the contract with the supplier made it impossible to determine whether the political campaign participants' political campaign accounting reports were in line with reality." did.

In 2016, the LSDP was a ruling party.

When last year LSDP withdrew from the ruling party with the Lithuanian peasants and the Green Union, the eleven member states of Seimas left the Social Democrats and joined the Social Democratic Workers' Respectively. Some of these lawmakers have created the Lithuanian Social Democratic Labor Party this year.

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