Saturday , September 25 2021

The campaign for distribution of discount cards for Biedronka in Alytus is satisfied and continues

The campaign for the presentation of the discount card of the largest retail chain in Poland took place in Alytus at the large Maxima store on Santaikos Street.

Poles are satisfied with the activity of residents of Alytus.

According to, an advertiser of the above-mentioned Polish retail chain who shares Moja Biedronka discount cards with helpers for the second day in a row, has paid for the campaign in the capital of Dzūkija.

Unlike in Marijampolė, Biedronka discount cards are of great importance to Alytus residents.

In Alytus, residents of the Dzūkija capital of various ages received cards of which “vouchers” (free zlotys from previous purchases for future purchases) belong to customers.

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On the last day, Moja Biedronka discount (loyalty) cards in Alytus are scheduled to be distributed on Saturday, around noon. Volunteers help fill out the card by introducing each with Biedronka balloons.

However, Polish chain stores in Lithuania do not have the nearest “Ladybugs” (Note – “Ladybug” Lithuanian)for example from Lazdijai to the nearest Biedronka in Sejny (Poland) – about 20 kilometers.

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In fact, unlike Biedronka, Lithuanian merchants have all their centers in Poland – Maxima has acquired the Stokrotka network. Poland says Maxima is doing well in Poland, first taking enough leftover “chamomile” in places (Stokrotka translated from Polish) building renovation.

In the part of the Polish border there are also several shops of the Lithuanian chain Vynoteka, where not only drinks, but food prices are lower than in Lithuania.

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Maxima’s online sales and delivery department Barbora also started operating in Poland this summer.

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