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That's all: another chain decided on Christmas


On the first Christmas day "Iki" shops do not work, said the press release.

According to the Board of Directors, in this period, much attention is paid not only to customers, but also to the sales network employees. Through them, in the great years of & # 39; The holidays, the working hours of '39s network shops are adjusted. The "Iki" shops across Lithuania do not work on the first Christmas day, and in & nbsp; Christmas feast, New Year's Eve & & # 39; The first day of 2019, their unemployment rate is short.

"Christmas is without much of one of the finest parties, as the whole family and loved ones cooperate." We want our staff to enjoy the great pleasure of warm moments and festive mood, and at the same time we listen to the needs of our employees. tend to work on festive days and make way to earn more, but some would like to spend their holidays at home. As a result, we decided to work fully on the first Christmas day, # 39; e Day of Christmas and New Year's Day and January 1, we will work harder, L. Muižienė says.

Although part of the population begins to make important journals for the story, but for a few days before Christmas, like New Year's, the real festive boom in stores begins. As a result of this year Iki stores are complemented by additional forces, made by network administrators who come to help college stores in stores. In total in the holiday period, more than 200 employees of # 39; the administration plans to work in stores.

"We are a united team that offers multilingual goals, so administrative officials are happy to help shop assistants in those days as the sales channels operate. At the same time, it will be a great opportunity for colleagues to improve each other know and the people of administration – a closer look at the specific and processes of stores that will be a new experience for new beginner colleagues, while others The beginning of their career in "Iki" can not be recognized, "says Lina Muižienė, sales manager of Iki's sales network.

According to L. Muižienė, the peak of festivals is usually recorded in recent days for Christmas and New Year's holidays, so it is in this period that the operation of the operation in shops will work. Most helpers come to Vilnius, Kaunas, major shops of Panevėžys there are many shopping areas.

"In the holiday season, we make every effort to enjoy the holidays for Christmas and New Year's residents, and they can easily and quickly find all the products needed for them tablet table, "says L. Muižienė.

Most retail retailers are already approved in Christmas Day and New Years will not work or work.

Already, four retail chain reports have been reported from the season to the finest years.

Norf and Lidl do not work on the first day of Christmas and New Year.

On December 24, all Norfos will be two hours shorter, and on December 31 one hour shorter.

Lidl shops work sharply for Kudos.

Rimmed stores do not work on the first Christmas day, and in other winter festivals will be sold.

Maxima will also be closed on the first Christmas day, on & # 39; The first day of the New Year, the work hours of # 39; the stores were sold.

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