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STT: In public purchases, Denmark wins in the hospital.

The public procurement of a Lithuanian hospital often wins with the help of the medical institution or its associated beneficiaries.

This discovery was received in a corruption-proof restaurant for special investigation services (STT) analysis as part of a study on hospital procurement.

I got a million dollars in the contest.

After analyzing 20152017, 319 corporations obtained about 164 million purchases from the Santaros Clinic when public procurement and params were received from the Santaros clinic. Eur. During the same period, 216 corporations have assigned nearly 8 million people. STOL reported Wednesday that it will support the Santa Rosa clinic and related supporters.

According to her, 216 donations were received at the Santara clinic, which accounted for more than half of the 123 procurement and public procurement announcements made at this medical facility.

20152017 In other words, it represents 39% of total purchasing power. And provided more than four million people. According to STT, the Santa Rosa Clinic has benefited from the EUR support of the Santa Rosa Clinic and its support beneficiaries and earned 87% (over 142 million euros) of the Santa Rosa Clinic.

It should be noted that Santaros Clinic sponsors public procurement for 28 beneficiaries enrolled at the Santara Clinic and 42 supporters for the Santaros Clinic as well as Santaros Clinic's support.

According to STT, analytical research has shown that trends similar to corporate supply by the winners of the largest hospital procurement tend to be observed at other Lithuanian hospitals (eg 20132016). 52 legal entities (11% of total purchasing power) were assigned to the Kaunas Clinic at Kaunas University Hospital in the Health University of Lithuania and gained 56% (approx. € 150 million) in value at the Kaunas Clinic. Forty corporations (that is, 18% of total purchasing power) went to the Republican Republican Hospital, which accounted for 56% (about 33 million euros) of all hospitals worth buying.

The situation at the Republican Panevėžys hospital, where 44 corporations with 66% of the profits were in the param. y Approximately 27 million euros have a low purchase value.

Repeat study

We analyzed the 10 largest grants we received from Santaros Clinic related support to test how much support we have for our Charitable and Support Act objectives. As mentioned in the STT report, nearly half of the hairs were found to be used for missions, conferences, event organization, accommodations, and meals.

The results of this study have led to the perception that potentially conflicts of interest exist and that the likelihood of corruption and acceptance of procurement support in public procurement organizations may exist in hospitals, and the director of STT has been quoted by Ytkry Bartkus.

According to him, the results of the survey will be presented to the state and other institutional decision makers according to their abilities.

In the future, STT wanted to re-analyze the situation and inform the public about the outcome.

I admitted the problem.

The Ministry of Health (SAM) has already responded to the STT study.

Aurelius Veryga, Minister of Health, and the Minister are deeply grateful for the STT's analysis and facts about providing medical assistance to businesses, and how much public support is offered to public agencies by public procurement tenders. Data analysis is unique and inconvenient. I see them gaining access to the procurement organization or beneficiary publicly for the hospitals involved. More than half of healthcare organizations have gained such support providers, and SAM Senior Director Lina Buinskait-riubn approves this comment.

But as the corruption-prevention expert's knowledge of SAM's leadership turned out to be very damaging to business, SAM's anti-corruption experts were not surprised by the anti-corruption experts created for the treatment agency . Specific recommendations to follow to ensure maximum transparency.

SAM will continue to work to improve and clarify the system. So, after analyzing the latest STT information and data, you decide what additional action to take. Unfortunately, this is very important because the health sector is still the leader in terms of corruption compared to other areas mentioned in the commentary.

It also lists some suggestions for treatment facilities as it can avoid corruption. First, subscribe to the sponsor's status. Second, increasing the rights of organizations that receive leaflets on institutional web sites, billboards, prominent locations, and params (based on charity and support laws) that perform actions that are performed when a visitor requests help. Third, the received parameters (medical qualification, health promotion, information provision, etc.) can be used for use. Fourth, if a cybercrime occurs, you must give the medical staff the right and method to support the agency (payable by the institution via bank transfer) to avoid conflict situations and police calls. Fifth, providing a public report on the use of received aid.

Investigate Corruption at Santaros Hospital

In the summer, STT began investigating the mechanism of cybercrime at the Santa Rosa clinic. At the Santa Rosa Clinic, it is time to make a lot of public purchases in order to receive unreasonable financial rewards from donations. Romuald Kizlait, director of the Center for Hospital Information Development, told the law enforcement officers at the Santa Claus clinic that a lucrative public purchase fund would send potentially unreasonable financial compensation to the clinic.

Feedback p. Strupas and p. Kizla as well as several other staff Santara Clinic, a private representative.

I refuse to charge my own category.

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