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Shock in a big Vilnius manicure – a 6 kg ball successes the girl in the head Sport


The hazardous events in the old court of # 39; The Lithuanian athlete was held on Wednesday morning.

The seventeenth-century runner-up, a member of Lithuanian youth team, has prepared a preparatory education for European priorities, trained in a routine exploitation.

"During the training, the girl went through the ballroom sector – I looked back to hysteria and cried:" I got a ball to my head, "said the running trainer I. Jefimova.

It was a large metal ball of six kilograms.

The girl was called by ambulance, she was sent to Santariškis hospital.

"In addition, half of the problems – the consequences, perhaps differently, would not now speak, though this is a trance of nervous tension," said I.Efefova, a trainee school learned at the hospital. – I do not know how to finish things. Probably, it will be a few levels of human scarring – the doctor will still stand.

Now there's a whole lot on the head. "

It was a shock for other people in # 39.

"I also have a shock, although my student has refuted the ball," said Giedrė Kupstytė, the bullet spin coach. "I saw the girl, her face was assaulted."

Photo by Alfred Pliadis / Giedrė Kupstytė

Photo by Alfred Pliadis / Giedrė Kupstytė

Coaches who work in the sports field are worried because the crash was not caused by the ball for a year, but because of the attitude of the adjustment of & # 39; the security manager.

"This is not the case for the first – these balls are flying, so the rip is bad," said Yefimova.

G. Kupstyte spoke with a weeping voice: "This is a kind of cosmos, the ball flies, it runs through the jetty, I even shot there a ball, I'm always dying, but nothing helps.

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15 min. Photo / Gangway athletics

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15 min. Photo / Gangway athletics

The dog would have broken since. Instead of replacing, every time a bullet play, it's over, it's rubber, it's a material, it's rubber again, it's a new network. Lost to the cattle, but the situation does not change. "

This is not the first incident in the old court in the center of Vilnius.

Last year there was a short connection, when the smoke was filled with fat, and all sports players had to leave the locally.

Maneuvered athletics were evacuated people

Maneuvered athletics were evacuated people

Although the issues are being published, sports clubs are sporting the sport, still sporting the world in the building.

"We have not already cleared, we did not get it, because we see everything," said Kupstyte. – Everyone is angry, but afraid to speak. I do not understand. We want to invite children, but here is the picture of tragedy. Soviet times look better than now. And everyone should pinch. "

G. Kupstyte stopped the workout on Thursday afternoon. They argued that the paranoid itself is that every ball can continue through the watchers.

I. Jefimova, a girlfriend and her parents on Santariškė clinic was waiting on Thursday, waited for a doctor's diagnosis and asked, "Do you want to go to the place of parents? you go to the next room? "

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15 min. Photo / Gangway athletics

Vidmantas Balkūnas / 15 min. Photo / Gangway athletics

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