Saturday , January 16 2021

Seimas will determine new regulations for the alcohol market

Lithuania is prohibited from selling strongly through alcohol, glass bottles, glass beads, and other containers intended for direct consumption above 22 degrees Celsius.

If Seimas allows such modifications, the vodka cup resembling a disposable plastic bag is removed from the store shelf.

Health Minister Aurelius Veryga has already filed an amendment to Seimas, targeting 10% in the spring of 2019. Increase consumption tax on ethyl alcohol. In other words, strong drinks will increase. It also says it will exacerbate soul trade with small packages.

"Farmers" Asta Kubiliene proposes to ban not only "children's champagne". Unlike governments, an amendment approved by the Seimas Health Affairs Committee stipulates that it will not be possible to produce or sell food, toys and other children's products designed to mimic alcoholic beverages or packaging in Lithuania.

Seimas will also decide whether to reject the amendment proposed by Regular Remigijus Žemaitaitis, which aims to increase trade in beer or other alcohol in plastic containers. Members of the National Assembly are expected to sell more than 7.5 degrees of beer, sell bottled fermented beverages and alcoholic cocktails in containers of 0.2 liters or more at 7 degrees to 7.5 degrees, 0.25 liters, 6.5 degrees to 7 degrees, 3 liters, 6-6.5 degrees to 0.35 liters, Up to 6 degrees – 0.5 liter container.

In Lithuania, it is prohibited to trade beverages made of plastic, beverages with a strength of more than 7.5 degrees, beer of the same strength, fermented beverages and bottled alcoholic beverages in bottles of more than 0.5 liters, except glass, ceramics, There is.

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