Monday , March 8 2021

“Saulės Kliošas” presents a new song and music video called “You are not one”, which encourages you to hear and hear your inner voice

“Saulės Kliošas” presents a new song called “You are not alone”, which encourages you to hear and hear your inner voice and actions.

We believe that words have power and we influence each other. To express public support and empathy, we continue the cycle of social messaging with the song “Call me (if you are sad)” and “intentionally” spread the positive “With this song, we remind you that no matter how different you feel, many others feel the same way – you are not alone,” said members of the ensemble Justė Starinskaitė, Laurynas Šarkinas and Giedrius Nakas.

We made the song in stages – we started on the beautiful “Apple Island” and finished it in the home studio of our group member and song producer Giedrius Nakas.
During the recordings, longing for live communication and a circle of friends, we shared moments of our creative kitchen on social networks, which became a kind of burst of good mood and emotion for our followers. We got a lot of feedback that people, watching the creative process, felt like they were with us, and the emotions we experienced brightened their mood for them.
We tried to do as much as we could, so Justė Starinskaitė made a video of the captured moments, and the guitar part of the song was recorded by Laurynas Šarkinas. At the end of the song we give the impression that you are surrounded by many supportive voices that invite you to contribute to the singing with us. “

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