Tuesday , January 18 2022

Santara Clinics will study the care strains together with laboratories around the world


The world is paying more and more attention to emerging strains of viruses. It is already known that mutations in the genome of the coronavirus can more easily infect human cells and lead to the development of resistance to acquired immunity.

According to Daniel Naumov, medical biologist and head of the Santara Clinics Biobank, the coordinator of the future project, the researchers will try to explain the relationship between circulating coronavirus strains and the host’s immune response.

Research by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min photo / COVID-19

Research by Sigismund Gedvila / 15min photo / COVID-19

Researchers at the Santara clinics have been studying the virus strains since December last year. According to the National Public Health Laboratory, more than 4.5 thousand samples have already been tested in the Santara Clinics Laboratory. It checks which strains of the virus are currently circulating in society and which of them are concerned.

“The work of researchers at Santara Clinics in this field is very impressive, so we hope that by participating in a three-year international project with other top scientists around the world to analyze virus strains, we can make recommendations for optimal clinical management and treatment and control. of infection.distribution of tribes in schools and to assess the impact of this prevalence on the population.

In the event of a new pandemic, we would have already developed methods, protocols, technologies, and know what to recommend to vaccine manufacturers so that vaccines are effective against emerging strains. The created groups would become networks of laboratories dedicated to the rapid fight against new infectious diseases, ”says D. Naumov.

According to the medical biologist, the further the virus evolves, the less likely it is to become less and less like the Wuhan virus, and our immunity to disease will not be able to fight the new strain as effectively anymore. There are many strains of the virus, but it is already known that there are four strains of greatest concern: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

We heard about the alpha variety in mid-January this year, and a few months later it was found almost everywhere – the spread of this variety was so rapid.

“The Delta tribe, also called the Indian tribe, spreads even faster than the alpha, it has outperformed other tribes in the United Kingdom in a short time and is slowly beginning to dominate throughout Europe. The rate of spread is not the worst feature of the virus, much worse than the characteristics of the tribe people become seriously ill and need to be treated in hospitals, D. Naumov emphasizes. “Then there is a shortage of places in hospitals to treat patients with other diseases and so the pandemic is turning against everyone, even those who do not have COVID-19. “

The rate of spread is not the least characteristic of the virus, much worse than the characteristics of the strain make people seriously ill and need to be treated in hospitals.

Beta and gamma, also called South African and Brazilian strains, have increased resistance, which means that acquired immunity after vaccination is less effective in the fight against these strains, and vaccinated people can become ill. But there is also good news. Known and Confirmed: Faxes become much easier than asymptomatic compared to non-vaccinated people.

“Coronavirus is often compared to the flu virus. Although they are both RNA viruses, there are many differences, explains Naumov. – One of the most important is that the influenza virus has no mechanism for repairing lesions, so mutation remains as the genome changes upon replication of the virus.Coronavirus has a lesion repair mechanism that repairs it when a mutation occurs in the viral genome, causing the coronavirus to evolve but not as rapidly.

However, if we do not protect it, it will evolve faster with rapid reproduction, and there is a greater chance that it will spread throughout the world as a result of mutation and favorable conditions, as has happened with the delta variety. Thus, by not wearing masks, vaccinating or creating collective immunity, we ourselves facilitate the spread, mutation and evolution of the coronavirus, thereby contributing to our continuing pandemic through our indecent attitude. “

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